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Full text of "The register of the parish of the Holy Trinity (Christ Church), Cork, from July, 1643, to February, 1668, with extracts from the parish books, from 1664 to 1668"

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3 1833 02293 9372 

Gc 941.9501 H74r 

HouY Trinity Parish (Cdrkj 

The register of the parish 

OF the Holy Trinity . . . 

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ft Ay "^lUa^L 

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FROM 1664 TO 1 668.. 



Mtmhrc Corrcsf. de la So(uHi Aii/iij. Dc A^oriiiniidU. 

Ubrai-ian of Qiuni's CoHrgr, Cork. 

Hon. Si-c. RcT)'^! Hist, and ArrLzo!. A six. oj Irdnnd. 

Jfon. Sa. Kpyii! Cni Iiis/ifnfioi:, etc. 





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§ 3 


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■O.'^jTrtA. ^ /^^y.P'^' 

W J-JOU-Sii 



- •; °F THE 

FROM JULY, 1643, TO FEBRUARY, 1668, 


FROM 1664 TO 1668.. :, 



AftJiibre Corrcsp. de la Sixiiti' Aittiq. Dc KortnaiidU, 

Libraria» cf Qtieni's College, Cork. 

Hon. Sec. Ro^'nl Nisi, anil AreLjuiI. Ji.'oc. oj Jrcland. 

Jlcn. See. Koynl Ctnk Institiilion, ele. 







Alien County Public Librar]/ 

900 Webster Street 

PO Box 2270 

Fort Wayne, IN 45S01-2270 




FROM 1664 TO 166S. , 



Mcmlre Corrnp. de la SocUtl Antij. Dc Normnndie. 

Librarian cf Quern's ColU^, Cork. 

Hen. See. Ro^'al Hist, and Arihaol. Assoc, of Irclcnd. 

Hcni. Sec, Royal Cirri InstiiuHcn, etc. 




91ic Sc{cfei 



^ ^'^^.i ^^i:i.r.:/ 



^HE Church of the Holy Trinity or Christ Church, Cork, occupies the 
^iu site of one of the tvvo ancient Parish Churches, once wthin the 
City walls. It was also called the ' King's Chapel,' and is mentioned as the 
Church of the Holy Trinity in the Decretal Epistles of Pope Innocent III., 
in the year 1199, and is rated in the Taxation of Pope Nicholas in 1291 at 
fifteen marks. It was situated about 120 feet within the East wall of the 
CitT,',and beside it was the College of Christ Church, long since removed The 
Church-yard and adjacent ground was, till lately, wthin a (ew inches of the 
surface, a marsh, and before the year 1S30 the vaults were filled with water 
at the rise of every tide. 'When the present School-houses were erected^ a 
few )ears ago, a large and deep pit was discovered, in which was some cart- 
loads of human remains, mixed with the bones of horses, most probably 
deposited there after the siege of Cork by the Duke of l^Iarlborough, 
SepL 28, 1690. If we except some fragments of old walls in the crj-pt, no 
part of the ancient structure now remains. The present Church was built in 
1717, and arranged internally with the present front and entrance added, 
by an applotment on the parish, made 6th October, 1S27, for ;^3,5oo 6s., 
at a rate of is. rod. in the pound gross valuation. 

This was formerly the burial-place of some of the chief citizens of Cork, 
\-iz. : — Lombards, Tenys, Goulds, Creaughes, Sarsfields, Verdons, A\'7iites, 
Mathews, Pagans, Skiddys, Roches, Ronans. Some elaborately ornamented 
tomb-stones of the last four families, of the i6th Century, iinril lately could 
be seen here against the North wall of the cemetery ; there are also others 
in the crypt, but the place is so dark that identification is at present 
impossible. One very remarkable stone, with a human skeleton in high 
relief, rested very appropriately against the wall opposite the gate of the 
burial-ground, as if to remind those that entered there, that our life was but 
" a vapoiu-," or, as the inscription told us, " the heir of worms." This was 
the tomb of the worshipful man, Thomas Ronan, formerly Mayor of Cork, 
who died 1554, and his wife, Johanna Teny. 

The cn-pt consists of a nave, 89 ft. 9 in. long, by 1 7 ft. 7 in. broad, with 
tsvo lateral aisles, Tz ft 6 in. wide. The nave is separated from these aisles 
by walls 3 feet thick, in which are large arched openings, 8 ft 2 in. across. 
In the nave is built another wall, 2 feet thick, at a distance of 5 feet 7 in. 
from the wall between the nave and North aisle, also pierced with openings, 
var)'ing in width from 7 ft 8 in. to 5 ft. 2 in., and which forms a sort of 
intermediate passage, in which is a large ancient altar-tomb with a floriated 
cross. A portion of this wall is built on a large block of solid masonry, 
e\-idently a remnant of the ancient Church. (See the plan of crypt) The 
follomng inscriptions are on loose stones in the cr}-pt, of modem times : — 


" Here lyeth interred the body of William Hodder, of tbe Citty of CorVe, Alderman, 
who departed this life May the Eleventh, 1665, second Mayor of the said Citty since the 
Protestant Settlement of that Corporation, and the first High Sheriff for the County of 
Corke after the happy restoration of our Most Gratious Soveraigne, King Charles the 

"And abo here lyeth interred the body of John Hodder, of the Citty of Corke, 
Alderman, who departed this life the third day of May, 1673, and the first Mayor of the 
said Citty after the Protestant Settlement of that Ccporation, and the year after High 
Sheriff for the County of Corke, Anno Domini 1673." 

" Here lyeth interred the body of Elizabeth Fearines, themfe of Captin Henry Fearines, 
aged 40 years, deceased the 4th day of March, Anno 1674. ' I know that my Redeemer 
liveth.' " 

" The Burial Place of Jo. Power." 


" I.H.S. This is the burial place of Alderman Daniel Perdrean and his family, who 
departed this life the 24th day of July, 1724." 

" Here lyeth ihe body of John Willis, who departed this life the 24th day of Febniary, 
1713, in the 21st year of his age." 

" Here lyeth the body of William Massy, who departed this life the Slh day of May, 
Anno Domini 1755, in the 28th year of his age." 


A part of a recumbent effigy, with the head broken off, on a slab 4 fi 2 in. high by 2 ft. 
broad, and 2)4 in. thick. In ancient times, thb was called the " Headless Man," and 
was the subject of some superstitious legend, now lost 

" TTiis is the burj-ing place of James Dillon and his family. Here lyeth the body of 
William Dillon, who departed this life ye first day of August, Anno Domini 1776." 

The oldest bequests to the Church of the Holy Trinity, Cork, which have 
been met with, are those of John Wj-nchedon, citizen of Cork, whose will 
is dated on the octave of the Apostles Peter and Paul, 1306. To the 
Church he leaves one mark ; to each priest, i2d. ; to John, clerk of said 
Chtirch, 2S. ; to his son, i2d. ; to the fabric of the Church, half a mark. 

that every yeaj a representation of the Crucifixion in vrax, gilt, and five 
pounds in weight, should be pro\-ided for the Church, and t\vo candlesticks 
for the great altar; totheRectorand Vicar, 20s., and the Portiforium (Breviary) 
to the Vicar, which he had in pledge for los. (Brit Mus., Add. 19,868). 

One Record has, however, escaped the general ruin, which seems to have 
befallen almost every object of the past in Cork, and though of a date but 
as of yesterday, when compared to what the Church ought to possess, still 
it is the oldest Parish Register in the Dioceses of Cork, Clojiie, and Ross, 
and as such deserves every consideration. Its discovery was on this mse. 
In .A.ugust, 1S57, a Mr. M'Carthy, who had been once sexton of this Church, 
but then absent from Cork about 20 years, mentioned to me the e.xistence, 
in his time, of an old parchment Register. He said it was stolen when his 
father was se.xton, and recovered, and that a second time it was removed 
with some lumber from the Church, and restored by a tobacconist to whom 
it was sold as w.aste paper with a number of old account books. This occurred 
about 40 years before Mr. I^I'Carthy left Cork. I mentioned the circumstance 
to the Rev. J. Conolly, then Rector, and on instituting a minute search, the 
missing Register was found safe and sound, with some parish books of the 
same period, in a " sure coffer " provided wth three locks, (in conformity 
with the 46th Canon), in a small chamber under the organ gallery, which 
no person appears to have visited for many years. 

This Register is on thick parchment, jnuch discoloured; it is 17^^ inches 
long by 7 inches broad, contains 48 folios, vTitten by different hands, and 
embraces the period from 26th July, 1643, to 27th February, i668. 

With the permission of the Rev. Mr. Conolly I made a perfect transcript of 
this Register. The late correspondence in Notes aiid Queries induced me to 
look up my copy. I resolved, small though the contribution be, to publish 
this, the oldest Register in my native city or county, in exteiiso, in the 
hope that others, in whose power it may be, will do likewise. 

With the new of thro\^^ng some light on parochial matters over two 
centuries ago in Cork, I here present the reader ;vith extracts from the 
Parish Book found with this Register. These tell us to what extent our 
forefathers were taxed, how much they paid the minister, how they relieved 
the poor, helped the wayfaring man to go to his o\vn home, how they buried 
their dead — for at that time the body was consigned to the earth in a shroud 
tied at both ends, and not in a coffin as now— leaden chests were only for the 
great, while the age of stone coffins, in which the consecrated ashes of Bishops 
and mitred Abbots used to be enshrined, had long since passed away. 

From a historic point of view this Register is interesting. It contains the 
names of some of the officers who were killed at the battle of Knockninoss, 
■ which was fought 13th November, 1647, between the Parliamentary troops 
under Lord Inchiquin, and the Irish commanded by Lord Taaffe, and 
whose remains were subsequently brought to Cork, and interred here. If 
any entry in this Register will help to assist the descendants of some former 
citizens, now resident in distant lands, to add one missing link to their 
pedigrees, and once more, in imagination, breathe life into the dust that 
sleeps in Christ Church, Cork, the sincere desire of the v\Titer ^ill be 
fully accomplished. 

For the verj' accurate plan of the crj-pt which accompanies \h\sfasa'ajlus, 
I am indebted to William R. Atkins, Esq., of the Diocesan Office, CorL 


Royal Cork Institution, 
June I. ,877. 

Note, — C. C. = Chiist Church; P. P. = Peter's Parish; Cen Baros = SL Barry's. 


Parish Accounts of Christ Church, Cork, 

FEOM leei TO 1668. 


S/^O.' accotnpt of money receaved from the 
^- parishioners of the parish of Christ 
Church, by vertne of a Rale made by the 
Jlinister and Churchwardens ofthesaia parish, 
theSlhof December, 1664, towards satisfaction 
of sise months' allowance for Mr. Benjamin 
Crosse, Minibterof the seide parish; fwenty-sii 
weeUs allon-ance for the poort of the siide 
parish ; and for repairing and beautifieing 
the said Churck 
1654.— Mr. Aaron Stiffe 
Mr. William Wrenne 

Mr. Abraham Eno 
Mr. Wjlliam BnrcheU 
Mr. Edward Hawkins 
Mr. Svmon Morpn 
Mr. Henjamin Crn.^ts 
■Mr. Thomas Franklia 
Mr. Anlhonv Waters 
Mr. Roier King ... 
Mr. John Browne ... 
Mr. Georce Savill ... 
Mr. Henn. Huehes 
Mr. John Vnugban 
Mr. Jt>hn ^y^enne 
Mr. John HammoD 
Mr. Gregory Tillv ... 
Mr. Roier Moore ... 
Mr. SdmoeU Carlile 
Mr. James Mannijigr 
Jlr. George Younce 
Mr. Thomas Rum-firld 
Mr. Samuell Grasenour 
Mr. Ed>Tard Gardiner 
Mr. John Hawkins 
Mr. Christopher Soper 
Mr. John LvaU ... 
Mr. Charles' Seward 
Mr. A rthnr Virgin ., 
-Mr. Daniell Walker 
Mrs. Jaquett Plasteed 
Mr. John White ... 
ilr. William Champion 
Mr. Benjamin Adams 
Mr. John lierry ... 
Mr. Tliomas Deionshire 
Mr. John Woodmason 
Jlr. William Sing ... 
Mr. Humphrey Morie 
Mr. Tlomaj Bourse 


... 15 
... 5 
... 5 
... 15 
... 10 
... 1 
... I 
... 9 
... 9 
... 10 
... 15 
... 6 
... 2 
... 10 
... 15 
... 15 
... 5 
... 2 
... 5 
... 1 
... 2 
... 1 
... 15 
... 1 5 





... 1 



... 1 

... 10 

... 10 

... 1 

... 5 

... 8 

... 6 

... 3 

John Champion 
Robert Klclcher 
, Jo\ce Stroyde 

John Sharpe 

Edward Webber 

. Margrelt Pridden ... 

William Gough 

J.-icub Cooke 

Thomas Sw.iby 

Josias Walker 

Richard Hiche 
Thomas Bowles 
William Smyth 

Roger Conant 

George Webber 
Marke Sherman 
John Goddard 
Laurence TanVerd 
Tvmolhv Tuckv, aenior 
Miles Jackson 

Thomas Price 

John Korde 

Edward Yewde 

. Elizabeth Lane 

If Katherine Copinger... 

Slephen Harris 

John .Moore 

Gtonzc Wright 

Thomas Pmnitt 

Thomas Morley, "WhiUyer 

William Kenedy 

Thomas Morley, Gentleman 

Tvmolhv Tmkv, jnuior 

N'i, hobs Gamble 

George Nenoe 

Georfie Gamble 
Richard Terry, Manlster 
Garrett Everson 
Samuell PoweU 
Nathaniell Kenham ... 
Mat hew Koote 
Hugh Downing 
Baplisl Louby 
Jonathan Perry 

John Bnrllctt 

Robert Moore 

Henry Barrage 

John Terry 

Edward Tncker 

Pasco Bnssell 

Andrew Bodi 

...£0 10 

... 1 





... 1 



... 1 






... 1 


... 1 


... 1 

... 1 







... 1 


... 10 

... 15 



... 1 





... 1 


... 1 

... 1 

... 10 

... 1 


... 15 




















... 1 

... 1 












... 15 

... 10 








... 10 

... 10 






Mr. John Woodhnd 
Mr. Acjuila Stoaghton 
Mr. Tobias Sberar..." 

Mr. John Ganges 

Mr. Michael Rsher 
Mr. John -Wakefield 
Mrs. Constance Quarry ... 
Mr. William Stanbridpe ... 
Jlr. Tyraoihy Gwenley ... 
Jlr. Joseph Copps ... 
Mr. -William Hacke 
Mr. Daniel RlaVe ... 
Mr. Henrr Tnchstone 
Mr. John'Callaphane 
Mr. Thomas -WeUs 
Mr. Charles Madder 

Mr. John Looby 

Jlr. Richard Looby 

Mr. Thomas Chillingsworth 

Mr. Edward numpstone ... 

Mr. Henry Sweete 

Mr. Evan Gwens 

Mr. Andrew Turgis 
Mr. Charles Conway 
Mr. William Hopkins 
Mr. Hansbctt Wilkinson ... 
Jlr. Thomas Waddington ... 
Mr. Phillip Pinchion 
Mr. Francis Chappie 
Jlr. Luke Haihaway 

Jlr. WiUiara Pitts 

Jlr. Sampson Roberts 

Jlr. -William Lee 

Jlr. Richard Francis 

Jlr. Giles Barrett 

Jlr. William Hickman ... 
Jlr. William Bvsse 



































































A°. May 31st, 1665— An accompt of what 
moncTreceavcd bv Robert Fletcher and Thomas 
Walker, Chnrchw'ardcnsof the parish of Christ 
Church, for breaking the ground for Graves 
T\ithin the chsnccll and br.Jdy of the saide 
Church, durcing their Churchwardenship. 
Determined, .May Slst, 1665. 
From Mr. Svmon Morgan's wife ...£0 }0 
Mr. William Gough's child ... 3 4 

Jlr. Jonathan Ptrrr's t«o children, 
Jlr. Richard Terry's child ... 

Mr. Laurence Tankerd's child ... 
Jlr. Aaron Stiffe, for Mr. Dawson's 


Jtr. John Flvnne. for his eldest ton, 
JI r. John Br'adv, for his two children.0 
Jlrs. Dale, for 'her bosband ... 10 

Jlra. Marv Butler's grave S 

Jtr. DaniJU Walker's chOd ... 8 

Jlrs. Jone Cane 3 

Aldm. William Hodder 10 

6 8 

C 8 


£3 16 8 

A°. May 31sf, 1665.— An accompt of what 
moncv reccavcd by Robert Fletcher and Thomas 
W.alker, Churchwardens of the parish of Christ 
Chnrch, belonging to the saide parish, and for 
the nse thereof during their Churchwardenship. 
Deter, the one and Ihirtith day of Xaj, 1665. 

The Ballance of the last Chnrch- 

wardens' accompt £0 10 6 

Mrs. JIargrctt Pndden, being soe- 
mnth left by her late husband, 
Jlr. Richard Pridden, by his last 
will, the use of it, to be distributed 
to the poore of the saide parish on 
the 12th of October yearely, mth 
one yrare's interest ' ..." ... 6 10 

Jlr. Neptune Blood, Deane of Kil- 
fanora, being iu satisfaction of the 
pl.itehetockeaway (when Jlinister 
of the said parish) belonging to the 
saide parish and church 14 

Aldm. Walter Cooper, as a free gift 

to the Minister ... 10 

-Mr. Christopher Rye, the same ... 10 . 

Jlr. Snmuell Hayes, do. ... 9 6 

.Mr. Edward Phillips, do. ... 4 6 

The poore's boi, within the saide 

church 6 6 

John English 3 


£22 4 

Dec. Slh, 1 664.— An accompt of what money 
receavcd bv Robert Fletcher and Thomas 
Walker, Chnrchwardens oflhe parish of Christ 
Church, by vertne of a rate made the 8th of 
December, 16C4, npon the states within the 
saide church, belonging to persons of other 

Jlr. Edward Phillips 
Mr. Nicholas King 
Jlr. William Delahyde ... 
Jlrs. JIarv Johnson 
Jlr. Theodore Hulitt 
Mr. Christopher- Rye 
Jlr. Symon Everson 
Aldm. AVilliam Hodder ... 
Aldm. John Hodder 
Aldm. James Vaudelinr ... 
AlJm. Richard Ba-ssett ... 
Mr. Samuell Hayes- 

Jlr. Gcorce White 

Mr. Edward Goble 

Sir Colonel Heyward St. Leger 


March 25th, 1665— An accompt of what 
money was disbursed and paide by Robert 
Fletcher and Thomas Walker, Chnrchwardens 
of the parish of Christ Church, to the Minister 
and ctner officers of the saide chorch, and for 

otiier contingencies relating to saide churcli and 

parish dnrcinptbcirChnrciiwarJenship. Deter. 

25ih day cf March, 1665, to the Slh of Mat, 


Paide nnto Jfr. Benjamin Crosse, 
Minister of the saide parish, for 
one jeare'e allowaoce from the 
saiJe parish, dcterminiDg the 29lh 
of September, 1664 £50 

The saidc Benjamin Crosse, for halfe 
Teare's allowance from the saide 
parish, detLTininiog 25th .March, 
1655, the sum 25 

Mr. Joshua Blood, CTarle of saide 
church, fiflT-two-n^eeVes'allowaDce 
•delcr. Sthdaj of May, 1C65 ...2 12 

JohnCarbery, Seilon of said church, 
fiflv-two "eeliei, determining 8lh 
Ma'y, 1665 1 6 

Mr. Zach, Tracers, for fees when first 
sv7orn, and for the copie of ihe 
Articles 5 

M'ashing the surplice and the Com- 
munion table-cloath siie tymes... 9 

Eipresse to Dcane Neptune Blood, 
about the raonty for the plate he 
owed for 10 

Paper Bool, to enter the parish 

accomptsin 7 

Mr. Zach. Travers, for two processes 
azainst Thomas Price aud Symon 
Jlcrfran, for the bnllance of their 
accompt when Chnrchwardens, 
and against Edward Galwav, for 
the bond giren by Dcane Blood 
for the plate, and for a fee to the 
Proctor ... ...060 

Coroner, for talieinc an inquis. npon 
the bodv of .Michael Fisher, being 
accidtutallj killed, and his ivife 
so poor as not able to pay him... IS 4 

Two yards of green ribbin for the 
book 1 


£81 10 2 

.May Slh, 1664,—.\n accompt of what money 
was disbnrsed, paidc br Robi-rl Fletcher and 
Thomas Walker, Churchwardens of the parish 
of Christ Chnrih, lo the poore of the saide 


«h during Ihe.r Churchwarden 





flh dav of MaT, 1665, and 




8lh of May, 1664. 


■U'iddow Rosamond weeLely 




le Bro»n, widdow 



Tamazin Towi.seod's son ... 


Widdow Bromley 




abelh Bishop 



Thos. AVaddineton, for a poore chnd 

Mn. Sares, widdow 




same poore, another weele 
n Wildt, & poore chad... 

... 10 






Ales Williams, for herself and child £0 2 
The ahoTe poore, another weelie ... 10 2 
The above jioore, ISs. 8d. aweeke for 
thirty-sise weekes. Deter. Feb. 

6th, 1661 24 12 

The above poore, (eirept Tamazin 
Townscnd'sEon), 12s.Sd. aweeke 
for thirteen weekes. Detcr.theSth 

day of May, 1665 8 4 8 

A poore man, to hear his charges for 

England 3 

Ro^er Chappie, more than was col- 
lected for him 4 

Totall ... 

lU 17 8 

May 8th, 1564, to May Sth, 1665.— An 

accompt of what money was disbursed and 

paide by Robert Flelche'r and Thomas Walker, 

Churchwardens of the parish of Christ Church, 

fur repairing saide church, the tower anil church- 

rard thereunto bclonc;ine, dureing their 

Churchwardeiiship. Commencing 8lhof May, 

1664, ending Sth of May, 1665. 

William French, for twenty barrels 
of lime 15 

William Sciton the elder, for ma- 
lerialls and workmanship in re- 
pairing tuwer of saidc church ... 12 8 

William French, for eight barrels 
of lime 16 

William Hand, for caniage of ma- 

tcri.-Jls to the saide church ...058 

William Scjton the elder, for ma- 
terialls and workmanship in re- 
pairing the charncll house in the 
churcbvard of the saide church... 19 

Henry Xichstone, for 5,000 Tyle- 
pins, for pointing the roofs of the 
chancel! and St. Marie's He in 
the saide chorch 8 S 4 

Henry Tuchstone, for materialls 
used by him in repairing the roofs 
of saide church 2 9 6 

Solomon King, for materialls and 
workmanship in repairing the 
guUers of the saide church ... 18 

Thomas flumfitld, for twelve foote 
of new glasse, and stopping thirty 
old quaries lU 

William S.iton the elder, for level- 
ling the gravesloDcs in the chan- 
cell of Ihe said church 4 

Henry Touchstone, for stopping np 
two windowes in the east end of 
saide church O'JO 

Thomas Collins, for nayles and iron 
work used in repairing of saide 

church 1 1 

William Scilon the elder, for ma- 
terialls and workmanship in stop- 
ping up part of the east window 
of the saide chnrch ... ... 1 2 1 

■William Sexton Ihe elder, for ma- 
terialls and workiaaii'hip in open- 
ing sonth winJow of saide ctarch, 

James Dennis, for f vmter deales and 
workmanstiip about the chancell, 6 

Henry Sharpe, for fortj-eight yards 
five foote and a halfe of winscott 
at 3s. 6il. per yard, for the rayles 
before the Communion table, for 
'.enne formes, and for maicing the 
the bcnchc?, Jcslcs, and footstools, 
Avithin the seatea in the chancell 
of said church 13 

Thomas Rumfield, for j:lassing the 
south window within the chancell 

John Poynts, for matcrialls and work- 
manship in lymmint; IheTen Com- 
mandments, with the effigies of 
-Moses and Aaron, with two yecris 
of proportionate worke, and col- 
ouring the rayles and enlarging 
the King's Armcs ... ...15 

Thos. Smith, for worke done by liim 
for the chancell of saide church, 1 

James Collins, for mending two locks 

A hanging lock for the chancell door U 

Widdow bawkins for work done to 
theiron barrs of the south winJow 

16 8 

4 9 


£51 9 4 

May 8th, 1665, to May 8th, 1666.— 
Tymothy Tuckv, senior, and Aaron Stiffe, 
Churchwardens of the parish of Christ Church, 
the accoropt of what money receaved from the 
parishioners of the parish aforesaid, by Tertue 
of two six month rates made by them and Jlr. 
Benjamin Crosse, Minif-ter of 'said parish, for 
twelve month's allowance for said Minister, 
and fifty-two weeke's allowance for poore of 
saide parish, and for repairing saide chnrch, 
and likewise what they have nccaTed otherway 
for the use of the parish. Commenced May 
8th, 1665, and determined May £th, 1666. 
Tvro six months' rate, being £100 

3s. 6d., whereof was only rccfd. £.82 12 9 

Gathered in the church 12 

Mr. SamncU Hayes 18 

Gathered agen in the church ...0 10 
Mr. Gregory Tilk, for burying his 

child 3 4 

Jlr. John Terry, for burning his child 3 4 
Mr. Thomas Brown, for bur\'iug his 

wife : ... 3 4 

Mr. Jonathan Pern-, for burying his 

child ... ' 3 4 

Mr. John Xewenham, for torriDg 

his child ' ... 10 

For Mr. Crofls' child 10 

■Por burying Mr. Coppenger aud 

his wife 16 8 

Same ... 

£87 12 9 

June 5th, 1665. — Tymothy Tuck7, senior, 
and Aaron Stiffe, Chnrchwardens. Accompt 
of money disbursed to poore. 
^Viddow Rosamond, for fowerweeVe 

past 6 

Anne Brown 6 

AViddow Bromley 4 8 

Eliza Bishop 2 

Thomas Waddington, for the poore 

boy 4 

Mrs. Sares 14 

The Sexton 2 

Allice Terry 8 

John Wills' mother, for John Wild's 

child 4 

Katherine Baker 5 

Juncl9.— Ashrondforapoorewoman 5 

Old Chapel 4 

Nov. 6.— Paid, since 1st 
the soldier's wife and two chil- 
dren, and John Hodwitk's child, 8 

1666.— nid Woods 6 8 

March 27. — Sending twochildren for 


May 8. — .NIaintaineingthepooreboy, 
and buying him two sutesapparelU 
three shirts, one hatt, shoes and 

stockings 1 16 

The woman of Blarney, which kept 
the child that was at Silfester's 

house 13 

July 13. — Mr. Cox, for mending the 

bell-claper 7 

Dec.9.— Walter, the Tyler, for mend- 
ingchanctll, agreeing at the great 1 8 

May 2.— A beU rope 5 

Drawing the lists and other writings 5 
When we took our oaths 4 



A list of those persons th 
not paying the first six roi 
Mr. Benjamin Crosse, Mir 
Tncky, sen., and Aaron St 
of sai'de parish, 1665. 
Hnmphrev Morse ... 
John Brown 
John Hammon 
Lieutenant Nicholi 
Saraoell Urown 

Robert Fletcher 

Joyce Stronde 

George Webber 

Josias Walker 

Stephen Harris 
Michael Gould, Esq. 

Xames presented for non- 

Chrislopher Faggon 
John Hamon 
Wiiliam Hickman ... 
Rubin Scott 
Lieutenant Nicholas Brady 

t are presented for 
inth rate, made by 
istcr, and Tymothy 
ffe. Churchwardens 

.. 10 
.. 11 
.. 13 
..0 5 
..0 8 
... 16 

... 15 
... B 
... 6 

Join Walcefieia ... ' . 

...£0 2 6 

Cbristopher Dolisoa 

... 11 

Jovce Slroode ... 

... 5 6 

Gtorat Webber ... 

„. 8 

Josias WMa 

. ... 18 

RoUrt Wbels'.oone 

... 2 B 

JoLd Tapper 

... 2 

Slepben Ujiris ... 

... 6 

Edward Dcbnett ... 

... 5 6 

Patrick Rocb, Esq... - . 

... 1 

Richard Gen-aUd ... . 

... 2 6 

Robert Hetcber ... 

... 13 

Some ... . 

£11 16 6 

Kames omitted ia preeeediog list : 

Jobn Cbampion £0 4 6 

Tobias Sber.rer 2 6 

Ralph \Vhaiey 4 6 

Jonathan Carie (Bulcber) 2 

May Stb, 1CC6.— Edirard Yond and Johu 
Terry — ao^ompt or money receavcd of the 
parish of Christ Church dnreing their Church- 
wardenship. Ccmmcncing May 6th, 1C66; 
determining May, 1657. 

Two rales for Minister ... £54 11 

I)o. for the poore 49 11 

Erom old ChurchwardcDs 116 

Bp.'s court returned 1 2 

May 30 —Gathered in the church .. 6 8 
Mr. Tuclcr, for bmying his child 

in the church ..." ' 3 4 

JoDe27.— Gathered in the church... 14 

July iT.—K Lottreman 6 

Oct. 6. — Breaking the ground for 

Mr.WeatheraU 8 4 

Gathered the Church 9 

Breaking the ground for Mr. Baylie'a 

three children "... 9 

Mr. Galloway, for breaking the 

ground in the chancel! 13 4 

Mr. Kitchcnnian's money, left by 

Mr. King to the parish I 

Mr. George Gamhole, for breaking 

the gionnd in the church ... 3 4 
Mr. Gong"h, for breaking the pronnd 

in the church 8 4 

Mr. Walker, for breaking the ground 

in the church 8 4 

Mr. Eamuell Nares 10 

£112 3 8 

An accompt of what money was disbursed 
by the aforesaid Chnrchwar'dcns for the 
Church, 4c. 

May 20.~Thc Clarke, for writioj; in 
the Register the names of the 
children which were christened 
and baried in the parish of Christ 
Church, in Mr. Blood's daye«, and 
since the tame 10 

Tie Seilon, for washing the surplice, 
making the grave and ringing two 
pealcs for Jl.nrgaret Weldon ...£0 3 

24th.— The Glassier, for mending 

the rhanccU window ... .... 3 6 

July 25. — Walter Venson, for mend- 
ing chancel! roof 14 

Aug. 4. — The Clarke, for one qnar- 

ler's sallary IS 

Walter Venson, for mending OTer 

the Eyle 1 9 

Feb. 13.'— Goody Townsell, for keep- 
ing the boy left in prison, which 
was sent at Youghal 5 

Given to Johane, that sitls at the 
cross, and another lame woman, in 
money 2 

Jon 26. — Bridget Pcmbroke.forkeep- 

ing Marparet Weldon two weekes 5 

Jan. 31. — Kower yards of cloalhand 
halfe, (being French cloath), to 
make a shroud 6 10 

Fewer pult!(3 of beare, when she 

was buried 1 

Feb. 16.— Rose Hadwick, to buy a 
shrond for her child 2 8 

To bury the child 2 

Coroner's quest, for John Gartery... 13 4 

May 17. — New Key for the chest in 

the church 2 8 

Mr. Dannant, for a fee 2 6 

.May 2.— Register Book and strings 6 2 

The names of those persons 



into the Bishop's Court fur 


payment, as 

followeth : 

Thomas Morlv, Whitter ... 

...£0 6 6 

Richard Hvett 

... 4 

Thomas Woolfe 

...0 10 

John Taper 

... 2 

Aquila SUnghton ... 

... 2 

Thomas Price 


William Emery 

...0 10 

Henry Bnridge 

...0 6 

Phillip Murphew 

...0 10 

Sume £15 

The names of those that are gone out of the 
parish, and of those that are poore and not able 
to pay, as followeth: 

Christopher Faggon, gone 7 

Rubin Scott, do 4 

John Edwards, do 1 

Lieutenant Brady, do 5 

Samuel! Griflin, do 1 6 

John Berry, jnuior, do 1 6 

James Stormy, do 2 

Tobias Sherwood, poore 1 

William Comwell, dead 1 

Denis Collins, gone 1 6 

Counseler Gould, left to pay ... 1 6 

Thomas Morley, Gent., gone ... S 



, , 












oscha BnsseU 

aved d 



Thos. DcTOBsteir, Bot in the pans' 

w-hcn rated 
Rotcrt Jcnson, gone 
Thomas Flcmioc poore 
George Kife, gODe ... 
Richard Looby, poors 

Some ... 

1G67.— William GoDgt 
— their accompt of money receaved 
their Churthwardcnship. 
Rates for clinrch and poore £55 i 

From old Chnrchwardens 5 9 

Georce Gambole, for horyiDg his 

wife in the church 3 

Mr. Axham, for burying his child 

in the chnrch 3 

Mr. liobert Fletcher, for lime in the 

church, vrhich he used about his 

tombe 2 

Mr. Konarne, for burying his wife 

in the chancel! IS 

Mr. Benjam'n Adeins, for borying 

his wife in the church 8 

Mr. Robert Fletcher for burying his 

child in the chnrch ..' ... 3 
Bunirc Dame Katherine Coppioger 

inthechanceU 13 

Captain TncVer. for barring his 

child in the church .'.. " ... 3 
Lieut. Nicholas Brady, for burying 

his child. 3 

Burying Aldennan Vandelore and 

his kinswoman in the chancel! ... 1 6 

£64 10 1 

Burying John Terry's child (omitted) 3 4 

An accompt of what money hath been dis- 
bursed by 'William Gough and Pascha Busscll, 
Churchwardens of the parish of Christ Church 
for the year 1CC7, on repair of said church, ic. 
Zach. Tracers, for being sworn ...£0 5 4 
Captain Godvnne, Bookseller, for two 

common praier bookes, for the 

Minister and Clarke 12 

Aug. 2.— Two mats for Minister's 

pew and jralpitt 8 

22.— For 4.(;tt0. if slat for the church 1 2 
Bringing said slat to the church ... 4 8 

Oct 24.— A Crease 4 

Jan. 8. — Mending about the Sher- 

rirs seat affornailes 1 4 

Mar. 25. — Mrndiug the Surpli« 

aeaiust Easter 1 

April 28.— Two men for carrying 

the dirt oot of the Isle 1 

Richard Tricks' wife, a very jroor 

woman 2 6 

'William Mason, a very sicV poor 


Arthur virgin and Thomai Franklen's 
accompt, of the Church Wardenship, in the 
year 1668. 
Received for the buriall of Mr. 

Tucker, junior £0 13 4 

Mr. Grarener, for burial] of his wife, 3 4 

Duriall of .Mr. Prise 13 4 

Buriall of Mr. Hatch's wife and 

child 6 8 

Aldm. Basselt for a year's rent for 

Pew, he beine not a parishioner, 10 

Buriall of .Mr. Harding's child ...03 4 

Becearcd from .Mr. Swabby ... 3 4 

Burying of Mr. Harding's wife ... 3 4 

Accompt of money disbursed by Arthur 
Virgin and Thomas Franklen, Churchwardens, 
for repairing church and covering chancelL 
Tvventie and scaven thousand of 
Cornish tvle, hv4 for landing of 

them ..' 18 13 

Carridge of the satde Tyle from the 
shipp to the church, at ICd. per 

thousand 1 15 4 

Hu^h Downine, for fortie-sli square 
and fortie ftiot of Tjleiug worke 
on the chancell, at 6d. per yarde 

square ' ..13 18 6 

Pa%eing before the church doore ... 1 3 4 
.Mr Giles, for beare that the Tylers 

had 11 6 

Theodor, for deaneiog the church 

lane 2 

A large locke on the church-yard 

doore "... 4 6 

Names of persons poore and insolvent. 'W'e 
could not rcceave the first rate of .May, 1668. 
Andrew Roach, remaining of ISd... 6 
Michael 'Vaughau, gone out of the 

Gregory Tilly, departed 

William RufBn, gone out of the 

Robert Johnson, gone 
Joyce Stroud, verry poore 
Kichard Rogers, gone 

DanicH Blatke, do 

John Strange, in arrcare 

John Loohv, verrr poore ... 

Edward Voude, in arrwe 

Eiiwoid Hnmsteed, do 

William Jam-8, dead 
liobert ila«ly, gone 

Josua Gttlhings, do. 

Callahane Cartbey 

Kirolas Bradr, refused to pay 

Peeler, the cardmaker 

Thomas lleming, not to be fonnd... 
Boston, the butcher, gone 


















Names of persons of tecoDd ratt, poore and 
Andrew Roact, poore and refufed tt 


Henrj Champiou, do 

Willinin Lte,-in Drreare ... 
John Conner, not 'be foond 
William Emory, rcfustd to pay ... 
Bcnj.iniin Adams, in arreare 
Giles Harrett, do. 

John Gaines, poore, do. 

KitharJ Va«n. dead 

Richard Rich, refused to pay 

Micale Goold, in arreare 

Henry Tutchslon, not paid 

John SaJdJer, in arreire 


Thomas Weill 



James Mori;on, refused to pay 



Cl.arks Madder, poors ... 



Rnlph WhealT, iu arreare ... 



B.iptisl Loohy, refused to pay 



John Ford, ir arreare 




Thomas Wolfe, do 




John Moore, pone out of towQ . 



Uobtrt Williames 



John Seelv. in arreare ... 



Williams Manns, qone ... 



Richard Vallis, in arreare ... 



Gcoriie Gamhall, do 



John'Gardner, gone out of parish. 


.Malhew Cootc, refused to pay . 


HcDrv Borrag, do. 



William Giles, Jan., do. 








^HIS biole was prorijed for the repistrinse 
•^ ofaUMarnnj;es,ChristetiingTi,and Borialls 
within the parish of Chriit Cliorche in Corte, 
A. D. 1643. Eolert Kinge and George White 
beinj^e then Churchwardens of 5-aide parish, kc. 
And given hy John Baylv, of Cor'xe, Gent., in 
coosideraconof the seate which the ahove saide 
Churchwardens hare now erected upon their 
owne proper cost and charpe, doe pive and 
appoynt freely unto the said John I3av!y for 
to sitt with the saide Robert King and George 
■^hite in the afores.aid seate. .^s witness our 
hands, this 15th of June. 1043. 

Robert King and George White, Church- 

John BaUy the elder, late Clerl^e of the Citty, 

and parish of C. C, Corke, dec. 26th Julv, 

Elllnor Bayly, wife of saide J. B., dec. 2Sth 

January. 1648. 
Marv. dr. of Christopher Oliver, hp. 2Sth 

July. 1648. 


A.D. 1644.— John Maher, of C. C, m. Eliz. 

■U'llliams. May 1st, 1644. 
William Astikw'ell, of C. C, m. Margrett 

Copengrr. May 20th, 1644. 
Thomas Sharpp, do., m. Goue Knever, October 

20lh, 1644. 
"Williaui Blads, do.,m. JoaiieRecde,November 

12th, 1644. 
1C45.— Denise Canan, do., m. Alet Pctler, 

April 20lh, 1645. 
Waller Henderson, do., m. Joane Hamelton, 

April 21 St, 1645. 
William Venehlcs, do., jo. Dianae Foster, 

May 1st. 1645. 
Edward Craven, do., m. Wentlien Webb, 

May 17th, 1645. 
ThoniKS Brige, do., m. Joane Foster, May 

Srd, 1645. 
William Olivias, do., m. Soianni Michel, 

Julv 15th. 1645. 
Thomas Waten, do., m. Ales Timberlete of 

P. P., July 20th, 1645. 

John Frances, of P. P., m. Eliz. Williams, of 

C.C. Julv 22nd, 1645. 
William Mint, of C. C, m. Thomasin Wilson, 

July Slst. 1G45. 
John James, do., m. Anne Rogers. Angnst 

Srd. 1645. 
Christopher Sheroland, do., m. Mary Vine, 

August 4th, 1C45. 
Thomas Wuddington, do., nj. Ann Kalts, 

August 5th, 1645. 
Joseph Brooks, do., m. Joane BoloLid, Angost 

17tb, 1645. 
William Bellimy, do., m. Grace Rabv, Ang. 

ISlh, 1645. 
John AVeeke«, do., m. Margery Edwards, 

October 12th, 1645. 
John Pine, do., m. EUiner German, October 

20th, 1645. 
Thomas Poop, m. Eliz. Greene, of C. C, 

November Srd, 1 645. 


A.D. 1644.— An. Hooper, dr. of Thomas H. 

and Marv, bp. 13th Mav, 1644. 
Meridith, s. of Owen Heyfirde and Katherinc, 

bp. 23rd June. 1644. 
Sasaua, dr. of John Chew, batcher, bp. 18th 

August, U;44. 
John, s. of George Whit and Mary, bp. 29lh 

October, 16C4. 
Christian Walsh, dr. to Edward and Margrett, 

bp. 18th August. 1644. 
Marie Jones, dr. of Richard and Susan, bp. 

24th September, 1644. 
1648 —John Mortimer, s. to John and Will. 

moth, bp. ISlh September, 1643. 
Eliz. Boyle, dr. to Michaell and Mary, bp. 

SOth September, 1644. 
Eobert, s. of Robert Rikerda and Marj-, bp. 

1st October, 1644. 
Joane Bird, dr. to John and Marie, bp. 18th 

October, 1644. 

1647.— Boyle Mainerd, of C. C, 
Laoranct, 1st March, 1647. 


1644. — Joho Savage, s. to William and Ann, 

bp. 23rd October, 1644. 
Eliz. Willshire, dr. of Thomas, bp. 3rd Nov., 

Anne Camel, dr. of "William and Frances, bp. 

Srd November, 1644. 
Join PrnDot, s. to Tbomas and Cattrtn, bp. 

2Slh November, 1544. 
Ane Foster, dr. to ^homai and Anne, bp. 

28th November, 1G44. 
Phillip Sbene, s. to ■';\'illiam and Marie, bp. 

£9th November, 1644. 
Eliz. Gains, dr. to Robert and Ellin, bp. SOlli 

■ November, 1644. 
AnneTute, dr. of Edward and AUes, bp. ITth 

December, 1644. 
Edward Vikrie, s. to Edward, Vp. 16th Jan., 

Laoraoce, t. of Henry riowculr and Saroe, 

bp. 15th Janoary, 1644. 
John Gillman, a. to Stephen and UsIt., bp. 

20th January, 1644. 
Frances Roberts, a. to Thomas and Eliz., bp. 

20th Januarv. 1644. 
Richard HawVins, s. to William and Jane.bp. 

26th January, 1644. 
Mary Eicot, dr. of John and Mary, bp. 21st ' 

February, 1544. 
John, s. of John HoUia and Jeane, bp. 11th 

February, 1644. 
Sarae, dr. of Robert Kinge and Jerfriday, bp. 

lllh February, 1644. 
Richard, s. of Richard Skidamorc and Mary, 

•bp. 7th February. 1644. 
Eliz. Love, dr. to Cornet John L. and Mary, 

bp. 28th February, 1644. 
John, «. of Cornl. MkCarty and Ann, bp. 

24th M.-uxb, 1644. 
1645. — Eliz., dr. of Christopher Cappogg and 

Diana, bp. 7th April, 1645. 
Ann, dr. of Robert Upcott and Jenefere, bp. 

I4th April, 1645. 
Eliz., dr. of William Steevens and Jaene, bp. 

14th April, 1645. 
Ales, dr. of Richard Foole, bp. 20th April, 

John, s. of Robert Grasebrool and Jndeth, bp. 

25th April. 1545. 
John, a. of Jeremie Fandy and Jaene, bp. 15th 

May, 1645. 
John, 8. of Darby Finny, bp. IStt May, 1645. 
George, s. of John Taylor and Eliz., bp. 2Sth 

May. 1645. 
James, ». of James Abott and Elinor, bp. Ist 

May, 1645. 
Suzann, dr. of William Ashwood, bp. SOtli 

May, 1645. 
William, ». of John Waters and Margaret, bp. 

24th Jnne, 1645. 
Jaene and Ann, twins, dn. John Anlner and 

Ann, bp. 21st Jane, 164S. 

I Robert, s. of William Fisher and of , 

I bp. Srd July. 1645. 

I Ales, dr. of Henry Hellerd and Catren, bp. 

I 8lh July. 1645. 

I Jlarv, dr. of Robert WBcemer and Mary, tp. 

I 13th Jnly. 1545. 

Robert, s. of Robert Shirom and Jaene, iv. 
I 16th July, 1645. 

j Denis, 6. of Teige Fline and Eline, bp. 24tli 
I July, 1645. 

.Mary, dr. of John and Doroty, bp. 

26lh July, 1645. 
\YiUiam, s. of Nicolas Tarrent and Mary, bp. 

3rd August, 1645. 
Barbara, dr. of John Sawser, bp. 31st Jolv, 

Mary. dr. of Robert Adams and Elin, bp. 26th 

Anpnst, 1545. 
Ann, dr. of Thomas Summersett and Ann, bp. 

2nd September, 1645. 
Margaret, dr. of Morogli O'Briann, Lord 

Baron of lacbeqnin. Lord President of 

Monster, bp. 9lh September, 1645. 
Marv. dr. of Thomas Carter and Rachel, bp. 

9th September, 1645. 
Ann, dr. ol John Fogg and Ann, bp. 9th Sept.. 

John, 6. of John Baily and Wenefred, bp. ISth 

September, 1645. 
Hcury, s. of Henry Lachfort and Elinor, bp. 

13th September, 1645. 
Isaac, E. of Hue Borose and Sarah, bp. 21st 

September, 1645. 
Thomas, a. of William Blads and Joane, bp 

24lh September, 1645. 
Charles, s. of William Langford, bp. 26tli 

September, 1645. 
Man-, dr. of Hichard Cooke and Margaret, bp. 

28th September, 1C45. 
Eliz.. dr. of Hercules Clothver and Martlia, 

bp. 2ud Oct<;ber. 1645. 
Thomas, a. of William Gilbert and Cateren 

bp. 7lh October. 1645. 
Jaene. dr. of JuLn IlaKkena and Eliz., bp. 

10th Octohsr, 1645. 
Roger, a. of John -Mortimer and Wilmothe, 

bp. 12th October. 1645. 
Ann, dr.of Johe Bagg and Cateren, bp. 13th 

October. 1645. 
John, 8. of Frances Nubonld aud Mary bp 

16lh October. 1645. 
John. s. of Nicolas Pordam and Eliz, bp. 

nth October, 1645. 
Steven, s. of Edward Garner and Ann bp 

19th October, 1645. 
Sibil, dr. of Amberoa Mam and Elii_ bp 

23rd October. 1645. 
Joif e. dr. of John Qaarry and Con., bp. SSrd 

October, 1645. 
Mary, dr. of Thomas Finnnn and Jaene bp 

25th October, 1645. 
Ann, dr. of Thomas GaVcn and Ann, bp. 2nd 

November, 1648. 

Eb'nor, dr. of Jolm Numan and Aon, bp.Hth 

September, 1645. 
Joane, dr. of Goen Lane and Mary, bp. 14th 

December, 1C45. 
John, «. of Joba Haris and An, bp. 16lh 

December, 1645. 
AVilliara, s. of Nicbolds Bromley and Joane, 

bp. 23rd December. 1B45. 
Ttoraas, s. of Thomas Owens and Eliz., bp. 

8th January, 1645. 
Thomas, 6. of Thomas Bridg and Joane, bp. 

16th Jannary, 1645. 
llarr. dr. of Abel Marshel and Hanna, bp. 1st 

Jannary. 1C45. 
Jane, dr. of William Roberts and Ann, bp. 1st 

Jannary. 1645. 
Sarah, dr. of John Woolnott and Avis.bp. ICth 

January, 1645. 
Jndeth, dr. of Lewis Michel and Mary, bp. 

15th Jannary, 1645 
Henrr, s. of Thomas Boorie.bp. 171h Jan., 

Margaret, dr. of John Hollis and Joane, bp.24th 

January, 1645. 
John, 6. of jjenis Driskol and Elii., bp. 30th 

Jannary, 1645. 
John, s. of 'William Brooks and Margaret, Slst 

January, 1645. 
John, s. of John Hains and -iun, bp. 1st Feb., 

Jane, dr. of Richard Willoby and Mary, bp. 

4thl'cbrnaTr, 1645. 
TTilliam.E. of Edward Worth.bp. 6th Feb., lC4o, 
Jane, dr. of William Braine and Jane, bp. 9th 

Fehrnary. 1645. 
John, s. of William Thomas, bp. 18th Feb., 

David, 8. of David Catts and Ann, bp. 22nd 

February, 1645. 
William, s. of William Boolman and Snsana, 

bp, 22nd February, 1645. 
Madlcn, dr. of Henry Gilm^n, bp. 20th Feb., 

Bichard, s. of Richard Cranch and Catheren, 

bp. 27th February, 1645. 
Ann, dr. of William Shiniwen and F.lir., bp. 

Srd March, 1645. 
Ann, dr. of Patrick Morel and Avis, bp. 13th 

Fehrnary, 1645. 
Roper, 6. of Percy Smith and his Ladr, bp. 

7th March, 1645. 
Jane, dr. of Thomas Willishid and Eliz., bp. 

8th March, 1645. 
Ann, dr. of Daniel Solcnan and Efelin, bp. 

12th .March, 1645. 
Thomas, ». of Samson Jefris, bp. 12th March, 

Warv. dr. of Robert Lecraft and Ann, bp. 16th 

.M'arch, 1645. 
Denv!, B. of Thomas FaroU and Joane, bp. 

17lh March, 1645. 
AkJy.dr. of Steven Br»y and Elii, bp. Itlth 

March. 15iS. 

John, s. of Richard Skndamoore, bp. 24tb 

March, 1645. 
John, 8. of Phillip Pinshin and G.irtred, bp. 

26th March, 1645. 
Philip, s. of Phil Spenser and Jaene, bp. 28tli 

March, 1645. 
1 C iC. — Cateren, dr. of Peeter Craine, bp. 12tli 

April, 1646. 
Thomas s. of Thomas Bouliand Ann, bp. 13th 

April, 1646. 
Rich.-ird, s. of Theodorus Hulilt and Ann, bp. 

21st April, 1646. 
Phillip.dr.of Gregory ifansfeeld and Margaret, 

bp. ISth April, 1646. 
Rouland, s. of Ronland Tei^'e and Emme, bp. 

24th April. 1646. 
John, s. of John James and Anne, bp. 9fh May. 

Marv, dr. of Thomas Hains and Ruth, bp. 

11th .May, 1646. 
Adrvan, s. of William Barnes and Mary, bp. 

2bth May, 1C46. 
John, s. of John Russell and Eliz., bp. 25th 

May, 1646. 
Robert, s. of Peeter Derrike and Eli^., bp. 

27th May. 1646. 
Venispt, s. of Lientenant Gill, bp. Slst May, 

Jane, dr. of Joseph Brooks and Joane, bp. 2nd 

June, 1646. 
Sabr, dr. of Lieut. Kigat Lone, bp. Sth Jnne, 

James and Peeter, twins, s.of William Twiss, ' 

bp. 14th June, 1646. 
John, 8. of John Reins and Sara, bp. loth 

June, 1646. 
Peeter, s. of John Martinace and Susan, bp. 

29th Jnne, 1646. 
Richard, s. of Richard Lane and Eliz., bp. 

30th Jnne, 1646. 
Elifford, dr. of William Benis and Ann, bp. 

Sth July, 1646. 
Henrv. s. of Thomas 'Whorlj, bp. 10th July, 

Ann, dr. of John Lachford and Ann, bp. 7th 

July. 1645. • 

Ann, dr. of James Fife, bp. 16th JuIt, 1646. 
Marpret dr. of William Woolcok, bp. 16th 

July, 1546. 
John, s of Henry IJnch, bp. 19th Jnly, 1646. 
Owne, 6. of John James and CaUen, bp. 2Ut 

July, 1646. 
Eliz. dr. of John Hesierd and Eliz., bp. 9ti 

August. 1646. 
Cateren, dr. of Thomas Hinks and Catheren, 

bp. 9th August 1646. 
Roger, a. of Hoger Boyle, Lorde Baron of 

IJrohil and of his Lady, bp. I4th August, 

Honnor, dr. of Ensign John Smith and Aun, 

bp. 13th August, 1646. 
Jaene, dr. of Simon George and Mary, bp. 

23rd August, 1646. 


Jotn. 8. of John King and Honor, tp. Srf 

September, 1646. 
Elii., dr. of Edward Borman and EUx., Ip. 

SOth September, 1C46. 
Cristien, dr. of John Higgens and Jaene, bp. 

7lli October. 1646. 
Dorolv. dr. of Henry Siveele,bp. ] 2tli October, 

1646. • 
Join, 8. of John Oliver, bp. 14th Oct., 1646. 
JohB, s. of Lieut, Uansou, bp. 15th October, 

Mary, dr. of Tho. Prunott and Calt., bp. 18lh 

October, 1646. 
Jaene, dr. of Richard Hiate and Margret, 

tp. ht Xovember, 1646. 
■William, 6. of William Davis and Eliz.,bp. 1st 

^'ovembc^, 1646. 
i.- Aennd Kebeca, twin drs. to Abel Marshall, 

bp. ii. November. 1646. 
John, E. of John Criane and Joane, bp. 8th 

November, 1646. 
Cbaritv, dr. of Georpe Saulter find Anne, bp. 

leih.N'ovember, 1646. 
Frances, s. of WUliam Rikerd and Mary, bp. 

17to November, 1646. 
Banna, dr. of Thomas Howard and Joane, bp. 

17lh November, 1645. 
John, 8. of Joim Quarry and Con., bp. ^th 

December. 1646. 
Gowen, s of Gnwcn Lane and Mary, bp. 13th 

December, 1646. 
Edward, 8. of John Storges [and] Usly, bp. 

13lh December, 1646. 
Taomas, 8. of Florence Carly,bp. 13ti Dec, 

Kichard, s. of Richard Aulder, bp. 13th Dec., 

James, s. of John Haris and Joane, bp. 20th 

December, 1646. 
Marr, dr. of Francis Borman, bp. 20tb Dec., 

David, 8 of David Jones and Catere, bp. 20th 

December, 1646. 
Mary, dr. of Thomas LaDe,bp. 25th December. 

Richard, e. of John Lee, bp. 26lh Dec, 1646. 
Eliz., dr. of John Bird, bp. 2nd Dec, 1646. 
Frances, s. of Ed«atd Good and .Marv, bp. 

29th December, 1646. 
Catteren,-dr. of Thomas Ams, bp. 2nd Jan., 

John, s. of John Gains and Grace, bp. 26th 

January, 1646. 
Richard, s. of Richard Blealcnes and Elise, bp. 

5th Febrnary, 1646. 
Elii., dr. of Lcnise Hoy and Martha, bp. 8th 

February, 1646. 
John, B. of Thomas Shacarly, bp. 14th Feb.. 

1646. ^ 

Sosana, dr. of John Champion, bp.Ulh Feb. 

1646. ^ 

1647.— Marvel, dr. of John Shepard, bp. 25tli 

April, 1647. 

William, a. of Thomas "Willsbir-BL^ B'ii., bp. 

29th April, 1647. 
Thomas, s. of Tlios. BlaVe,bp.4th April, 1647. 
Steeven, 6. of Steeven Gillman, bp. 6th April. 

William, 8. of William IlaVens and Jaene, bp. 

2Dd May, 1647. 
Daniel!, s. of Crone, bp. 27lb May, 1647. 
Richard, s. of Richard Thomas and Anne, bp. 

27th May, 1047. 
Robert, s. of Robert Rudd,bp. 1st June, 1647. 
Susanna, dr. of Frances Brown and Susana,. 

bp. 1st June, 1647. 
Cateren, dr. of Daniel Keeffe and MarRaret, 

bp. 10th June, 1647. 
Thomas, s. of Edmund Blood and Margaret, 

bp. 14lh June, 1647. 
Eliz., dr. of William Kembeh, bp. 18th June. 

Adame. 8. of Nicolas Pordam and Eliz., bp. 

5lh Jnly. 1647. 
Robert. 6. of Robert Pech and Margaret, bp. 

5th Jnly. 1647. 
Mary, dr., and William, s. of Owne Heiford 

and Cateren, bp. Stb Julv, 1647. 
Robert, 8. of John Besly and Mary, bp. 11th 

July, 1647. 
William, 8. of Mererly Lukes, bp. 12th July. 

Agues, dr. of John Lachsod, bp. 13th July, 

Una, dr. of William Holmes and Julian, bp. 

22nd Julv, 1647. 
Elane, dr. of John .M.-.k-hu, bp. 24th July, 1647. 
John, 8. of David Morise and Joane, bp. 26tJi 

July, 1647. 
Sarah, dr. of John Saine and Sarah, bp. 20th 

August, 1647. 
William, 8. of William Barnes and .Mary, bp. 

SOth August, 1C47. 
Jane, dr. of Walter Huntington and Mary, 

bp. 1 Ith September, 1647. 


Nov.. 1646.— John Crabb, of C. C, m. Met. 

2nd .Voveraber, 1646. 
1645.— John KniehUy, do., m. Fillis Rikks, 

1st Februarv, 1545.' 
1646.— Richd!BIacknal,do.,m.Eli2eFehanan, 

SOth AprU, 1645. 
Teige Don, of P. P., m. Anstase ne Teige, 19tli 

Jnly, 1646. 
Robert Curties, do., m. Elinor Magee, 25tli 

July, 1646. 
Richard Pomery, do., and Margaret Wawker, 

m. 26th July, 1646. 
John Avis, do., and Anne Turner, m. 16th 

November, 1646. 
John Ford, do., and Christien Hursman, m. 

2Ut December, 1646. 
1647.— William Belcher, do., and Susant 

Smart, m. Ist January, 1647. 


1646 — MorifcEonan, do., and Joane Dogberty 

m. Ibtb Jan\iary, 1646. 
1647.— John Alen, do., aud Maij Rakes, m. 

12lh Maj, 1647. 


EL'z., dr. of Nicolas Faralle, bp. 16th ^^ay, 

Kicbard, s. of Ed.-n-ortbe. bp. 20lb May, 1 C47. 
Thomas, b. of Thomas DaDieU and Sarah, bp. 

23rd May, 1R47. 
Thomas, s of Thomas 'ff illiams and Mary, bp. 

24th May, 1647. 


John Eranscom, of C. C, and Ann Btlcber, m. 

8lh July, 1647. 
Eichard I.acb ford, do., and Thomasen Borman, 

m. 20th October, 1647. 
John Fitzgerald, of P. P., and Mary Alderton, 

m. 26th November, 1647. 
Henry Kloide, of C. C, and EUz. Lcoby, m. 

19th September, 1647. 
James Stronje, do., and EUz. Feeld, m. 29th 

September, 1647. 
Adame Ginrr, do., and Mary PoUs, m. 13th 

Jannary, 1647. 
Eobert Xaylor, Dene.and FrancesGibbens,do., 

ra. 19lh' January, 1547. 
1650.— Phillip Davis, do., and HannaStrang- 

ways. m. 1st Aoinst, 1650. 
Thomas Dawkins, do., and Marj- Cotterell, m. 

27th July, 1650. 

1655. — Ellinor Baiuham, w. of Thoma 
deceased 4th Jane, 1655. 


1652.— Manr.dr.of Robt. Golleg and Margt., 

of P. P., bp. 14th April, 1652. 
1654.— Margaret, dr. of Robt. Golledg and 

Marct., bp. 7th September, 1654. 
1653.— Chrislopber, 6. of Henry Stunson and 

Mary, b. 1st Jannarr, 1653, bp. 5th inst. 
1648.-Jaene, dr. of Henry Eojd and Eliz., 

bp. 3rd May, 1648. 
1649.— Philip' Floid, B. of Henry and Elii., 

bp. Srd March, 1649. 
1653. — Simon, s. of Simon Maynwrigbt and 

Frances, bp. 21st October. 1653. 
1652.— Eliz , dr. of Henry Eoyde and Eliz., 

bp. Ist Jannary, 1652. 
1650. — John, s. of John Branscom and Ann, 

bp. Ut .Augast, 1650. 
John, 6. of Thomas Wtlstcd, bp. 2nd Angust. 

1 65S.— Dorothy, dr.of Ralfe Litfut and Rebeca, 

bp. 20th Janoajy, 165S. 

1 655.— Rebeca, dr. of Ralfe Litfut and Rebeca. 

bp. 6lh .May, 1655. 
1053. — Jaen, dr. of Thomas Fennel and Faith, 

bp. 9th May. 1653. 

1656. — It isheereleft uppcn record to those 
that afier shall sucksecd, that Mr. Simon 
Evtrson, of the parish of Shandon. halh in- 
trest in the seate in the parish of Christ 
Church, CorVe.that which Mr. John Freeman 
m.Tudc and Mr. James Coi for their owne uce 
had tuilth— the one halfe becing assiirncd over 
to Mr. Everson by the abD>f-t,amed John 
Freeman, in the yeare 1656 and September 
the IS of the same yeare, Witness — Joshua 
Blood. Clerk and Register. 


1650 aud •53— AUis, dr. of John Qnarry and 

Constance, bp. Srd .Mav, 1C50. 
1C52. — John. s. of John Carry aud Constance, 

bp. 15lh June, 1652. 
1653.— Henrr, s. of John Quarry and CoD- 

stance, bp. 15lh .Mar, 1053. 
1654.— Mary, dr. of Thom.-is Boorke and illlis, 

bp 4lh November, 1654. 
Margrct, dr.of Joseph Hakins and Margt. ,bp. 

of February, 1656,b. on Shrove-Tuesday, 

before the dale hereof two rears, 1658. 
1653— William, s. of Will. Hack and Mary, 

b. 2ud Septeinber,and bp. 4th of same, 1 653. 
1654.— John, s. of John Chamesvon and Anne, 

bp. 14th July, 1654. 
Richard, s. of Edmund Dale.bp. 6th Ang, 1654. 
Nathaniel and Richard, twins, s.of John Sprit, 

bp. 6th Aucust, 1654. 
Mary, dr. of Henry Feonyson, bp. 13th Aug., 

Jlary, dr. Thomas Martin and Eliz., bp. IStli 

August, 1654. 
Thomas, b. of Edward Garner and Anne, bp. 

17th AuRust, 1654. 
Frances, s. Thomas Euctt and Snsana, bp. 

20th August, 1654. 
Eliz., dr. of I'homas 'Williams, bp. 24th An*., 

Henrv, 8. of Richard Punch, bp. 2Sth Sept., 

Martha, dr. of Christopher Gorand, bp. 29th 

September, 1654. 
John, s. of James Nele and Jaene, bp. 17th 

November, 1654. 
Grace, dr. of Richard Jones and Grace, bp. 

27th November, 1654. 
Ann, dr. of Francis Briggs and Eliz., bp. 6th 

December. 1654. 
Jaene, dr. of John Gayns and Garce, bp. 14th 

December, 1654. 
Eliz.. dr. of Job. Webb nnd Allis, bp. 17th 

December, 1654, P.P. 
Mary, dr. of Edward Cam and Ann, bp. 8th 

February, 1654. 

Joane, St. of CTiarles Conwav, Doctor, and 

Jaene. bp. ISlt Kclruorj, 1654. 
Jlsrj. dr. of Thoraas llooper aod Mary, bp. 

2Utb Febraanr, 1654. 
Margaret, dr. of Richard Frances aud Rebeca, 

bp. 2nd MarcK 1654. 
Ilachel, dr. of William Smy and AUis, bp. 2nd 

March, 1C54. 
Edward, s. of Garatt Boon and Cbristien, bp. 

4tb March, 1654. 
Eliz.. dr. of Thomas Harion and Eliz., bp. 

ISih March, 1C54. 
Elir., dr. of Jobn Hardak and Judelh, bp. 

22nd March, 1654. 
Mar;;3ret, dr. of Kichard Frances and Bebcca, 

bp. 2u6 March, 1654. 
16 = 5.— Merparet, dr. of Timothy TucVy, jnn., 

and Joine, bp. 29th March, 1655. 


1C44.— Ser Arter Hide, Knt., bd. 3rd Dec., 

SttTeo GDtnan the elder, bd. 10th Februarr, 

Patrick Tnte. bd. 10th Fcbrnary, 1644. 
Frances, dr. of Frances H., bd. loth 

Januarv, 1644. 
Anne 'ianiier, bd. 24tb February, 1644. 
AVilli»m Roi^ersi. bd. 9th March, 1644. 
Elinor Braine, dr. to my Lord Inchiquin, bd. 

ii. March. 16J4. 
1C45 — Mary Love, w. of Comett John L., 

bd. 21st April, 1645. 
Capplen Geo. Courtnie, bd. 22cd April, 1645. 
Roctr ^^ illiams. 8. of Koper, bd. 1st June,1645. 
Terloph O'Kclly, bd. 7th June, 1645. 
Wenefred, dr. of John Baily, bd. 7th June, 

Insiue William Asbwood, bd. 27lh Jone, 1645. 
Ann, dr. of John Lachford, bd. 13th Angnst, 

Ann Pitts, w. of Thomas P., bd. 25th August, 

Androe Beslj, Trooper, bd. 25th Ang, 1645. 
■\Villiara Belerny, bd. 9lh September, 1645. 
Fr.nnces, dr. of William Simms, bd. 15th 

Dctober, 1645. 
Ann, dr. of William Kambel, bd. 16th Oct., 

Nathaniel Wood, Sadekr, bd. 3rd November, 

Lctise Vaghan, dr. of Thomas, bd. 3rd Nov., 

Abel Evaus, of P. P., bd. 13th November, 

Thomas Rice, Qnartennaster, bd. 19lh Not., 

Coll. Henry Braine, bd. 7th December, 1645. 
Henry Eiam, bd. 7lh December, 1645. 
William Hirman, bd. 17th December, 1645. 
• Nicholas Dallison, a. to Sir Waksennon D, 

' bd. 7lh Febraaiy, 1645. 

Sarah, w. of Lieutenant Borgeis, bd. 14th 

February, 1645. 
Mr. ^YJlliam Conycrs. Gfntlcman of my Lord 

Pres. Hors., bd. IVth February, 1645. 
John, E. of Richard Cooke, bd. 23rd January, 

Lieutenant Cheiny Pouldtn, bd. 18th March, 

1C46.— Thomas Blood, bd. 9th April. 1646. 
Hcnery Spenser, Preacher of Uod's AVord, bd, 

I4th April, 1646. 
Dorety Smith, dr. to Sir Percy S., bd. 24th 

April, 1646. 
Mary Smith, dr. of Sir Percy S., bd. 17th 

May, 1646. 
Gilbert, 6. of Magcr Pordam, bd. 30th May, 

Saniant Robert Cross, bd. 27th .May, 1646. 
Coll. Poore, bd. 2Slh May, 1646. 
Rinenil, s. of Robert Slarky, bd. ISth Aug., 

Robert Hihord, bd. 23rd An-u^t, 1646. 
Richard Sterton, who was most cruelly mur- 
dered by the enemy, bd. 24lh .\iigust, 1646. 
Mary, dr. of Abel Marshall, bd. 4lh Sept., 

Cornet Wale, bd. 6tb September, 1646. 
l.ieuienant Fisher, bd. September, 1646. 
The \Nido Pawell. bd. ISih October, 1645. 
Sir Andra Barott, Knt, bd. 6ih November, 

Mr. Frodirpgam, bd. 24tb January, 1646. 
Mr. Steeveus, bd. 27th Januan-, 1646. 
Mr. Oirnelius Gray, Preacher of God's worde, 

bd. 28th January, 1645. 
Mrs. Jaene Saintleper,bd.7lh February, 1645. 
Aunis Stritten, widoe, bd. 13lh February, 

William Doare, bd. 13th February, 1646. 
1647.— Margaret, dr. of Moroph O'Braine, 

Lord Pres. of Moonslcr, bd. 26th March, 

dr. of bd.2nthMay, 

w. of David DaKkcrs. bd. 2203 

May, 1647. 
dr. of Comet Pod, bd. 22nd May, 

William Baoldrek, Apotecarv, bd. 14th Nov.. 

David Bachford, bd. 17th November, 1647. 
llapcr-Generale Craig, beeing ivouuted iu the 

battel at Cnock Nonoss, bd.2nd December, 

Sir William Bridges, allso beeing wonnted in 

the battel, was likewise bd. 2nd December, 

Comet Nightengale, C. C, bd. 4th December, 

William Kember, bd. last Cmstmas, 1647. 
Richard Cummin, bd. 15th January, 1647. 
John Gary, bd. 19th January, 1647, P.P. 
Mr. Pratt, bd. 20th Jannarj, 1647. 


1655.— Mr. Thomas PhUIips, of P. P., ti 

27lh April, 1655. 
Nathaniel Selbie, b.l. 22nd May. 1655. 
1654. — Fraoccs Dudley, hi 6th Jaoaary, 

1655.— Elinor Balnham, wife of Thomas, bd. 

4th Juoe. 1655. 
Artor Bassett. bd. ii. Jane, 1655. 
John, s. of John Hellis, bd. 20th June, 1C55. 
Thomas W harlon. bd. 5th Joly. 1655. 
niik Barry, bd. 5th Joly, 1655. 


1655.— Eliz, dr. of Kichard Collison and 

Elvnor, bp. 29th March, 1655. 
Anne, dnuchter of William Browne and 

Grisel, bp. 29tb March, 1655. 
Kichard, s. of Willi.-ira Hawkins and Jeane, 

bp. 1st April, 1655. 
Thomas, son of WiUi am Sheen and Mary, bp. 

8th April, 1655. 
Sarah, dr. of Thomas Bowls and Anne, bp. 

13th April. 1655. 
Koqer, s. of V.o^er King and Frances, bp. 

16th April. 1655. 
Jaene, dr. of William Harris and Jaene, bp. 

22nd April, 1655. 
Richard, s. of Thomas PoeU and Doroth' 

bp. 23rd April. 1655. 
"William, s. of James Feeld. an Irishman, and 

Catercn Lea. his w., bp. 1st May, 1655, 

beinp the Tlh Sonne. 
Jaene, dr. of Alwinn and Marj-anne 

bp. IGib May. P. P. 
George and Bpnjamin, twins. 6. of Ohadiah 

Ridley and liebickah. bp. 13th May, 1655 
Jonathan, s. of Daniel Crone and Jaene, bp 

15th May, 1655. 
Jlarr. dr. of Thomas Dawkins and Mary, bp. 

2Dd June, 1655. 
John, s. of Thomas Donel and Anue, bp. 3rd 

June, 1655. 
Eliz., dr. of John Barratt and Mary, bp. 3rd 

Jnne, 1655. 
Georze, s. of Georpe Simcock and Margret, 

bp"7th June. 1655. 
Peeter and John, twins, John Colman and 

Anne. bp. 10th Jane. 
John. e. of John Woodmason and Chrystien; 

b. 9tb June. bp. 12lh June. 1655. 
Margaret, dr. of John Downing and Alice, 

b. ;2th. bp. 15th Jane. 1655. P. P. 
Richard, s. of Thomas Willshir and B&rhars, 

b. 16th. bp. 17lh Jnne, 1655. 
Eobert, B. of Edward Goegel and Joaen. b. 28, 

bp. i St July. 1655, P.P. 
Tyrecia,dr.of Cbarles Kynastonand Margaret, 

b. I4th. bp. 25th June, 1655. 
Henry, son of Henry lloyd and Elk., b. 29th 

Jnne, bp. 3rd July, 1655. 

Edward. 6. of Edward Johnson and Cateren, 

b. 2nd, bp. Bib July. 1655. 
Hugh. s. of Richard Hyatt and Margtiret, 

b. 15th. bp. 19ih July.' 1655. 
Jaene. dr. of John Wright and Mary, b. 13th, 

bp. 19th July, 1655. 
William, s. of William Oaseen and Mary, 

b. 17th. bp. 29lh June. 1655. 
Thomas, son of Thomas Eyelt and Susana, 

b. 30th July, bp. 1st An?. 1655. 
Frances, s. of William Guposie and Mercy, 

b. 10th, bp. 16th Autrust. 1P55. 
Henry, s. of Henry Svc'e aud Ellane, b. 12th, < 

bp. 19lh August. 1655. 
Margaret, danuhter of Larance Tankard and 

Joeue.b. lSth,b,ip. 19thAagast.l655,P.P. 
Richard. s.of KobertCraufeld and Eliz, b.lSlh, 

bp. 19lh, AuLTist, 1655. 
Sarah, dr. of William Hod Jer and Hana, b. 24th, 

bp. 2eth An-u5t. 1655, P. P. 
John. s. of Mark Sherman and .Mice, b. 12th, 

bp. thai insL, September. 1655. 
Frances, dr. of Rocer Grice and Frances, b. 8th, 

bp. 15th September. 1655. P. P. 
Eliz., dr. of Abraham .Mansfeeld and Martha, 

b. 1st. bp. 9lh Aainist, 1655. 
William. B, of William Redwood and Eliz., 

b. 27th September, bp. Sth October, 1655. 
Frances, dr. of Luke Hadhaway and Mary, 

b. 7tb, hp. 11th October, 1655, P. P. 
Edward, s. of Edward Tcnis and Anne, b. 16tli, 

bp. 21st September, 1655. 
Samuel, s. of Roper Hozicrand Frances.b. 24th, 

bp. 25ih October. 1555. P. P. 
Frances, s. of Patrick Ronan and Joane,b. 13lh, 

bp. 2Stb October. 1C55. S. P. 
Prosper, son of James Neale and Jaene, 

b. 30th October, bp. Jst Noy., 1655. 
John, son of Richard Bowels and Abbygall, 

b. 31st October, bp. 2nd NoTtmbcr, le55. 
Dennis, 6. of William Kenedy and ElUn, 

b. lOlh November, bp. 15lh, 1655. P.P. 
Chris.. 6. of Chris. Oliyer and AUice. b. 13th, 

bp. 15th Novrmher, 1655. 
William, s. of Steven Cotborne and Margery, 

bp. 17th November. 1055. 
Anthony, 8. of George Gambl and Sarah, 

b. 13th, bp. ISth November, 1655. 
Moris. B. of Havid Nay] and Joacne, b. 2Ut, 

bp. 22nd November, 1655. 
Henry, b. of Henry Smith and Elynor, h. 9th, 

bp. 10th December. 1655. 
Martha, dr. of Henry Bill and Katteren, 

b. 10th. bp. 12th December, 1655. 


1645.— Samuel Wills, of C. C, and Cateren 

Bauld. m. 30lh November, 1645. 
Samuel Blansfctld, of C. C, and Pbillis 

Gaily, m. 1st December, 1645. 
Robert Web. of C. C, and Ad Gibson, m. 

26th December, 1645. 

1655. — 'Wniiani, s. of Jotn Jame? and Ursija, 

b. 12lh, bp. 16tb Xoveraber, 1055. 
1653.— Joba, Eon of Robert FIctiber and 

Kathtien, b. 2i■^l Msv, bp. 5th June, 

1653, at SLFiDubnrries.' 
1655.— Katbcren, dr. of llobert Flctcber and 

Kat., b. IClli. bp. 251b November, 1055. 
Tbomas, 5. of Cbarlcs .M.lbcr and Tlomascn, 

bp. 30th December, 1C55. b. foure years 

■before the 1st .March following the dale 

hereof, St 'W.ithcrforlh. 
Elii., dr. of Chailcs Mather and Thomasen, 

bp. SOth December, 1055; b. two jears 
■ and sii weeks before, at ^Vate^fo^de. 
•\Vili:am. E. of Charles .Mather and Thomasen. 

b. ICth. bp. SOth December, 1655. 
Nathaniel, s. of .Aulho.iv Davis and Thomosin, 

b. 2ht, bp. 23rd December. 
John, s. of IsnaV Ccllver and Elii., b. 19th 

December, bp. Ut January', 1655. 
Horatio, E. of Masenjillion Coult and Barbara, 

bp. 13lh Jan., 1655, h. eleven vearcs before 

dote hereof. 
Marpiret. dr. of Paltril, Quinn and Marv, bp. 

13th Jan., b 5 davs, P. P. 
Kattcren, dr. of John Flin and Marsjaret, 

b. 5lh Janua-v, bp. I4lh, 1655. P. P.' 
EnEanna, dr. of Garratt Everson and .Margery, 

b. Slst December, bp. 7lh Januarr. 
Rachel Coi, dr. of James and Rachel, b. 7th 

Januarr. bp. ISth, 1655. 
Elii., dr. of Baptist l.oobve and Eliz , b. 2Clh, 

bp. 22od Jannarj-, 1655. 
William, s. of Richard Gillelt and Sarah, 

b. Slst Januarr, bp. 3rd Kcbiuarv, I'Coa. 
Dorolhv, dr. of Thomas Hincks and Alice, 

b. 29ih January, bp. 4th Kebruarv, 1055, 

P. P. 
Mary, dr. of Richard Jones and Grace, b. Srd, 

bp. 7lh Febrosrv. 1655. 
Anne, dr. of Hcorv Swcete and Margery, 

b. 4th, bp. Eth February, 1655. 
Jeremiah, s. of AleiandcrCoddner and Katercn 

bp. 2Sth February, b. 2 years and i. 
Alexander, s. of Aleiandcr CoJdner and 

Kalcren, bp. 2Sth February, h. 1 year and 

near & i. 
John, E. of John ^Yren and Anne, bp. 2Sth 

Febrnarr, b. S mouths. 
Margaret, dr. of James Brown and Joane, 

b. 2Sth Kebmary. bp. 4th March. 
M.irtha. dr. of Milliam Norris and Tomzin, 

b. 7th Miu-ch, bp. ISti. 
1656. — Mary, daughter of John Moore and 

Kateren, b. Srd, bp. 7th April, 1656. 
Toomai, «. of Jarvis Harksnorth and Elii., 

b. 2nd, bp. 8th April, 1656. 
Peter, e. of Peter Smartt and Dorltas, t. 6th, 

bp. 12th April. 1656. 
Warx, dr. of Malhew Mynraa ajid Elii.. 

b. 9th. bp. 14th April. 

John, Eon of Theoder nulctl snd Elii., Tj. 10th, 

bp. 15th -\pril, 1655. 
Man.-aret, dr. of Aron Stiff and Dorothy, 

b.'2Slh, bp. SOth April, 1656. 
Man,'arel, dr. ■of Edw^ird Garner and .inn, 

b. andbp. Srd Mav, 1655. 
Ccorse, s. of Roger King and Frances, h. 3rd, 

bp' 61hMav, 1656. 
Martha, dr. of Henry Feelde and Eliz., t. 18lh 

April, bp. 7th May. 
Eliz., dr. of EJivarJ Kcmes and Kateren, 

b. IStb.bp. 20th May. 
John, s. of Rojer .^Too^e and Ann, 1. 27th 

May. bp. Srd June. 
Perce,' s. of Edward Cam and Eliz., b. 2nd, 

bp. 8th Jnne. 
Eliuor, dr. of William ChaVe and >rargaret. 

bp. 13lb June, being from Blamy. 
Henry, son of tlen.Noi man and Sarali,b.lOth. 

bp. 17th June, being from Whitchurch, 

Jaen, dr. of Mathew Foot and Hester, h. ISth, 

bp. 20th June. 
Mary, dr. of David DoDnogh and Anne, 

h. 19lh, bp. 23nd June. 
Fi-ances, 6. of Benjamin Crafts and Rebekah, 

b. ISth, bp. 25th June. 
Marv. dr. of Captain John BrooVs and Rachel, 

b.'29th June, bp 13th July. 
Ellin, dr. of Darnel O'Keeffe and Ellin, b. 7th, 

bp. 13th July. 
Eliz., dr. of Thomas Stanton and Roes, b. 27th, 

bp. 28tb July. 
Pecter. s. of Pee Gillbert and Marv, h. 27th 

Julv, bp. 5th Ancrust 
Elinor, dr. of Richard Covett and Christian. 

b. 27lh July, bp. 12th Anaust, P. P. 
Peeler, s. of John Legoe and Anne, h. 2na, 

bp. 13th AuguEt 
1647.— Eiline. dr. of Nicholas VCesion and 

Elline, bp. IStb September, 1617. 
Anne, dr. of Thomas Cduldlirst, bp. 13th 

September, 1647. s. of Thomas Crooke, Ip. 14th 

September, 1547. 
Thomas, son of Henry Bachford and Joane, 

bp. 14th September,'l647. 
Marr, dr. of John Langlev, bp. 16lh Sepf^ 

Dcborae, dr. of William Smr, bp. 16lh Sept, 

IsaV, s of IsaV Graneere and AUis, bp. SOth 

October, 1647. 
Ralfc, ». of Richard Lcdwidgh and Joane, hp, 

13th October, 1647. 
Richard, s. of John James and Anne, bp. Slst 

October, 1647. 
Thomas, 6. of Edward Vicry, bp. 24th October, 

James, a. of James Coi and Rachel, bp. 16th 

September, 1647. 
Mary, dr. of John Frend and Margaret, bp. 

26th September, 1647. 


Eliz., dr. of John Lone. Minister of God's 

word, and j\TarpM-et, bp. 2Slh September. 
John, s. of John Saweser and .\nDe. hp. 1st 

Kovemher, 1647. 

bp. Clh November, 16i7. 
Marr, dr. of I'hillip Pinchen and Gertred, bp. 

Cth December, 1647. 
1656.— Lctla, dr.of Will. Borkeand Margaret, 

b. nth AuOTst, bp. 13th, 1656, P. P. 
Eliz., Jr. of Hcnn- Garrald and Eilvnor, b. Sth, 

bp. 16th Au(;ust, P.P. 
Eliz., dr. of George Allin and Eliz., h. 16lh, 

bp. 17th Ausust, P. P. 
Samson, s. of Thomas JoUif and Jaene, b 26th 

-May. P. P. 
]6_5S.— .Mary, dr. of Thomas Jollif and Jaene 

b. 4th August, 1658. 
1656.— Kcbekah, dr. of Thomas Fennel and 

Faith, b. 22nd, bp. 2Sth August. 
Marv, dr. of John Mcrus and Mary, b. Sth 

bp. Sth September. 
Eliz., dr. of Mr. Richard Plomer and Eliz., 

b. 6th, hp. 7th September. 
Richard, s. of .Morgain Fluelling and Mary, 

b. 1st, bp. 2nd 

John, E.of Edward Gobel and Joane, b. 12th, 

bp. 18th September, P.P. 
Giles, s. of John Frances and Eliz., b. and bp. 

22nd September. P.P. 
Thomas, s. of ZaVariah Braily and Susana, b. 

and bp. 19th September. 
Katern, dr. of Charles Coniyav and Jaene, b. 

30th September, bp. 6th October. 
Anne, dr. of Timothe Tuckie and Joane, b. 

15ih, bp. 21st October. 
John, s. of Thomas Price and Marj-, b. 29lh, 

bp. 31st October. 
Jaene, dr. of John Bowler and Margaret, b. 

6th, bp. Sth November. 
Anne, dr. of Tobias Smith and Mary, b. and 

bp. ]5th November, 
■^'iliiam, s. of Thomas Waddington and Anne, 

bp. 2oth November. 
Andrew, s. of Edwaid Simons and Sarah, h. 

1st, bp. 4th December. 
Benjamin, s. of Joseph Eliet and Katren, b. 

22nd, bp. 22nd November. P.P. 
Nicolas, s. of Capt. WiUiam Tucker and Eliz., 

bp. 17th December. 
Cur. Conway, [sic] 
Mary, dr. of John Hincks and Margt.,b. 12th, 

bp. ISth December, P.P. 
Augosten, B. of William Rdwood and Eliz., b. 

8th, bp. 11th January, P.P. 
John, s. of Henry Tntson and Mary, b. lUh, 

bp. 15th Janaary. 
John, 6. of John Dennye and Margt., b. 11th, 

bp. 16lh January, P. P. 
John, B. of Mr. James Cox and Rachel, bp. 

Slst January. 
Edward, a. of George Reed and Kateren, b. 
24th, bp. 26th Janoaiy. 

Bcnj.iniin, .of-Joljn 'Weblj and Alice, b. 2l6t 

Janu.iry, bp. 1st February, P. P. 
Joane, dr. of John Champion and Anne,b. 23rd 

January, bp. 2nd February. 
Anne, dr. of James Crabb oi-d .Margt., b. 29tb 

January, bp. 2Dd February. 
Abigal. dr.of William Emery and Anne, b. 7th, 

bp. 12th February. 
1656.— Thomas, s.'of Richard Shepard and 

Joane. b. 2nd, bp. 12th February, P.P. 
Sarah, dr. of Nathaniel Bullock and Joane, 

h. 1st, bp. 4th Maich. 
John, s. of '\yilliam Gooppie and Mercy, b. 

Sth, hp. 13th March. 
1657.— Humfrv, s. of William Borchcll and 

Anne, b. 16th, hp. 20lh April. 
Anne, dr. of Henry AVheder and Mary, b. 

11th, bp. 18th April. 
Randel, s. of Thomas Mills and Eliz., b. 1 4th, 

bp. 17lh April, P. P. 
Henry, s. of Heury Hewse and Eliz., b. Easter 

Day, 1C57, bp. nejt Sunday. 
Ellinor, dr. of Phillip Piuchen and Gartred. 

h. 16th, bp. 18th April. 
William, s. of John Fteld and Joane, h. 10th, 

hp. lElh April. ' 
Pecter, s. of Ralph Lishtfoot and Rebeka, 

h. 24th, bp. 26lh April. 
Thomas, s. of W illiam Cooke and Joane, b. 

26lh, bp. 30th April. 
Grorcc, s. of Thomas Counter and Sarah, bp. 

ISlhMay, P. P. 
Thomas, s. of Robert Cranfeld and Eliz., b. 

12tb, bp. 20th Msy. 
Barbara, dr. of Cbrisiopher OUiver and Alice, 

h. leth, bp. 21 St May. 
Martha, dr. of Benjamin Crafts and Rebecka, 

b. nth, bp. 21it June. 
Kateren, dr. of John ^loore and Kateren, b. 

15th, bp. 22nd June. 
Thomas, s. of John Ollyvcr and Dorothy, 

b. 24ih, bp. 28th Jone. 
Frances, dr. of Thomas Dawkins and Mary. 

b. 2nd, bp. 5th July. 
Margaret, dr. of William Simons and Mary. 

b. 23rd, bp. 25th July. 
Mary, dr. of John Geyns and Grace, b. Dtb, 

bp. 6th August. 
Thomas, s. of Hichard Jones and Snsana, b. 

Ulh, bp. 13ih August. 
Roger. 6. of Roger Wone and Anne, b. 13th, 

bp. 18th August. 
■William, s. of Tcige Cauly and Eliz., b. 19th, 

bp. 20th August. 
John, 8. of Mr. Francis Hodder and Jaene, b. 

19th, bp. 23rd August. 
Nicholas, 6- of John Woodmason and Christien, 

b. 11th, bp. 15th AngnsL 
Anne, dr. of Edward Kemes and Katern, b. 

23rd Angnst, hp. 7th September. 
"William, s. of Edward Withers and Jaeac, h. 
7th September, bp. 13lh, of St. Banes, bp. 
in CO. 

Jobn, s. of ■William Alwinn an3 Mirn-am- 

b. 20th, bp. 24th September, P. P. 
Hanoa, dr. of Mr. William Hodder nnd 

Hanna, b. 23rd, bp. 24th September, P. P. 
Jlarr, dr. of John ^TraDn and Mary, b. ISth, 

bp. £5tb September. 
TV)lliam, s. of Rich.ird Frances and Hebetah, 

b. 4lb, bp. olh October. 
James, s. of rceler Smajl and Dorcas, b. 14tb, 

bp. 171h October. 
Eliz., dr. of Timothy Tnctey and Joane, b. 

1st. bp. 19lh November. 
Phillip, a. of Liraace Tankard and Joane, b. 

5ih, bp. lOlh November. 
Thomas, s. of John Gooliford and Snsana, b. 

10th, bp. 17th November. 
■William, s. of Lmslat M'llkison and Margaret, 

b. I4ih, bp. 15th Xpvcmber. 
JIary, dr. of G.'imbcl and Margaret, 

b.'lSth, bp. 15lh November. 
John, s. of John Gradie and Honnor, b. 27th, 

Norembcr, bp. 1st December, P. P. 
John, s. of Joseph C.isterson and Allice, b. 

25lh November, bp. 1st December. 
■William, s. of Thomas Valeotio and Jaen, b. 

19th, bp. 25lh November. 
Eiz-, dr. of Roger ivii.g atd Frances, b. 1st, 

bp. 7th December. 
Jael, dr. of Aquila Stanten and Ann, b. 29th 

November, bp 7lh December. 
Biz., dr. of Miles Walbank and Eliza, bp. 7tli 

Droa, dr. of Edward Goegle and Joane, b.291b 

November, bp. 7lh December, P. P. 
Edw.,s.of Dock. Chas. Kenaslon, bp. Ist Jan. 
Richard, s. of Mr. Rich. Covett and Christien, 

b. Cth, bp. 14lh January. 
Passcoe, s. of .\nthony Davis and Tomasin, 

b. 26lh, bp. 29th December. 
Mary, dr. of .Mathew Jasson and Elinor, b. 

2yth, bp. 31 St Jannarr. 
Snsana, dr. of Robt. Strin-'tr and Ann, b 

Eliz., dr. of Thos. Redwood and Francis, b. 25tb 

Jannarr, bp. lOlh February, P. P. 
Eliz., dr. 'of Henry Smith ai^d Elinor, b. Sth 

Jannarr, bp. 1st Febmary. 
Eliz., dr.'of John FlookbiU and Eliz., b. 20th 

February, bp. 2Sth. 
Jlarr, dr. of Lnke Ilatlhaway and Mary, 

b.'nth, bp. 19ih March. 
EUioor, dr. of Mark Shermanand AH., b.l9lh, 

bp. 22nd March. 
Benrr, s. of Henrr Meryin and Eliz., b. 181h, 

bp. 22nd March. 
1558. — Francis, dr. of John Flinn and Joane, 

b. 2Ut, bp. 2Sth March, P.P. 
Margt., dr. of Conner nc Cnbawe and Katn., 

bp. Ist April. 
Jlathew, 8, of Homfry Andretresand Dameies, 

b. 1st, bp. 4lh April. 
Bridgit, dr. of Baptist Looby and Elii., b. SOth 

April, bp. 1st Maj. 

Mary, dr. of Henry Hesves and Eliz., b. and 

bp. 21st April. 
Nicholas, s. of Edward Temsand Ann, b. 22nd 

April, bp. 4th May. 
Tobyas, s. of Tobyas Smith and Mary, b. 1st, 

bp. 2nd .May. 
Elinor, dr. of Edinond Loghnan and Katu., 

b. 10th, bp. 15th May. 
AsenEion Day. — Josuah' s. of John Gartrr and 

Susana, b. 20lh, bp. 23rd May. 
Margt.. dr. of John Smith and Ann, b. 21st, 

bp. 23rd May. 
Mar?t., dr. of Will. Amery and Ann, b. 23rd, 

bp. 30th May. 
Joseph, s. of Joseph Ilakinsand Margt., b. 9th, 

bp. 13lh June, P. P. 
James, s. of James Brown and Joane, b. ISti, 

bp. I71h June. 
Mary, dr. of .Michael Vaghan and Mary. 

b.20lh,bp. 24th Jane. 
Ellen, dr. of Patrick Morrogh and EUrnor. 

b. 12th, bp. 15th Jnne. 
Samuell. s. of Edward Gibbins and Marct- 

b. Sth, bp. 7tb July, P. P. 
Benjamin, s. of Mr. Rubert Fleeter and Kata., 

b. 3rd, bp. lltb July. 
Frances, dr. of Mr. Christopher Oliver and 

Alice, b. lOih, bp. 12th July. 
Eliz., dr. of Aron btiff and Dorothy, b. 6tK 

bp. 13th July. 
Caleb, E. of Ed. Ripgs and Snsaua, b. 3rd July. 
Joane, dr. of Mathew Foot and Hester, b. 1st. 

bp. 15th July. 
Ann, dr. of Benj, Goitre] and Susana, b. 12th, 

bp. 18th July. 
Edmond, s. of Beoj. Crafts and Rebecah, b.24th 

July, bp. Ist .August. 
1C57. — Samuel, s. of Mr. Richard Terry and 

Bridget, b. Sth, bp. 16th March. 
1658.— Dorotbv, dr. of Mr. Richard Terry arid 

Bridget, b. Slh.bp. 15th Aognst 
Richard, s. of Henry Stritson and El^z., b.20tli 

August, bp. 7th September. 
William,s.of John Champinn and Ann, b.l7ti 

August, bp. 16th September. 
Mary, dr. of Randel Barnes aud Ann, b. 1st, 

bp. 5th September. 
Margt., dr. of Thos. Menten and Ann, b. 21it, 

bp. 23rd September, P. P. 
John, 6. of Hugh Downing and Joane, b. 15th, 

bp. 21st September. 
Eliz., dr. of John Merns and Mary, b. 4t]i. 

bp. llih October, P.P. 
Mary, dr. of \Yilliam Brongh and Margt..!). 

10th, bp. 24tb October. 
Margt., <lr. of John DennicandMarj^, b.lSti, 

hp. 21st October, P. P. 
Roger, 8. of Thomas Stanton and Eoese, 

b. 22nd, bp. 24th October. 
Richard, s. of ^Yilliam Sheane and Mair. h. 

23rd, bp. 24lh October. 
Anne, dr. of Charles Mader and Tomasea, 

b. 25Ui, bp. 27tli October. 


Dorothv, dr. of William Burcieland Doroliy, 

b. 2nd. bp. 4th November, P.P. 
Eliza, dr. of Timothy Joyce and Sarah, b. 3rd, 

bp. 7th Kovcraber. 
Daniel, s. of William Harris and Ann, b. 2nd, 

bp. 7th November, P. P. 
John, s. of Roger Moore and Anne, b. lOlh, 

bp. lethNoreraber. 
John, s. of Peter Gilbert and Mary, b. IStb, 

bp. 21st Koveraber. 
Elinor, dr. of Samuel "Whishad and Ann, 

b. 23rd November. 
Joseph, s. of Larance Tankard and Joane, 

b. 4tb, bp. lOih December. 
John. s. of Edwar Yond and Eliz , b. 2nd, 

bp. 10th January. 
Chriitien. dr. of David Donogh and Anne, 

b. 9th, bp. Uth January. 
Richd, E. of James Crabb and Jlargt., b. 21st, 

bp. 24th January. 
Kicolas, s. of Edward Cam and Eliz., b. 17th, 

bp. 22nd February. 
James, s. of Thomas Price and Mary, b. 23rd, 

bp. 24th February, ?. P. 
AJce. dr. of Samuel Xuce and Eliz., b. 24th, 

b)). 27lh February. 
"William. 8 of William Hill and Ann, b. 27tli 

February, bp. Cth March. 
Jlarv, dr. of Robert Phillips and Dorothy, 

b.'lOth, bp. 13th February, 
Jlobert. sof Thomas Williams and Christien, 

b. 21st February, bp. 12xh March. 
Ann, dr. of Andrew Targes and Alee, b. 2Sth 

March, bp. 3rd April. 
Kebeca, dr. of .Andrew Koche and Eliz., 

b. 12lb. bp. 13th -March. 
Hichard, s. of Edward Goble and Joane, 

b. 7th. bp. 15th March. 
John, 6. of John Bailey, then Sherive of 

Cork, and Jaene, b". 10th, bp. 17th 

Marv, dr. of Thomas WalerhoQse and Rachel, 

b-'21st, bp. 25tb March. 
Mary, dr. of Edmond O'Dullane and Kat, 

b. 24th, bp. 26th March. 
Ann. dr. of Edwaid Temms and Ann, b. 9th 

April, bp. Uth. 
1657. — .Mary. dr. of Abraham Mansfedd and 

Martha, b. 4th, bp. 8th April 
1659. — John, s. of Abraham Jlansfeeld and 

Martha, b. 11th, bp. 12lh April. 1659. 
Nicholas, s. of John Ford and Chriitien, b. 9Lh, 

bp. 17th April. 
John. E. of Daniel O'Keeffe and Gillane, 

b. 25th, bp. 28th April. 
Mary, dr. of William Goppye and Mercy, 

b. 2l6t April, bp. 8th May. 
William. B. of Edward Homston and Sajah, 

b. Srd. bp. 11th May. 
Joane, dr. of John Webb and Alee, b. 13th, 

bp. 26thJnne.P.P. 
Thomas, i. of William Seiton and Bridget, 

bp. 27lh Jane, P. P. 

Bartholomew, s of Frances Harden and Ann 

b. 16lh,bp. 2Ist Julr. 
Richard, s. of John Gullifurd and Snsana, b. 

Uth, bp. 15lh Au<;uU, in S. F. 
Hack, s. of Robert Fletcher and Katn., b. loth, 

bp. 17th Aucust. 
Mary, dr.of Will.Specdi Ann.b.20, bp. 2) Ang. 
Eliz.. or. of Mr. John .Maskel and Eliz., b. 

2Sth August, bp. September. 
Jame«. s. of John Dover and Ann. b. I71I1 

September, bp. 2Cth, P.P. 
Gcoige, s. of Nichol.ns Gamble and Margaret, 

b. 20th, bp. 26tb September. 
Joane, dr. of George Reed and Kat., b. 27th, 

bp. 20lh September. 
Anne, dr. of John Newinham and Jaene, b. 

Srd, bp. 5ih October, P.P. 
Thomns. a. of William Mendey and Marr. b. 

5lh, bp. 5lh October. 
Maydclen. dr. of Hii-h Erineton and Margaret, 

b. Sth, bp. 9th October. P. P. 
Mary, dr. of .Matbew Jaion and EUinor, h. 

13th, bp. Uth October. 
George, s. of George Wright and Ur.'ula, b. 

14ih, bp. 24th October. 
Anne, dr. of .Mark Sliennan and Alee, K 

24th, bp. 25th October. 
Joshua, s. of .\quila Staughton and Ann, b. 

1st. bp. Srd November, P.P. 
Anne, dr. of Baptist Loobye and Eliz., b. 4th, 

bp. Gtb November. 
William, s. of Willam Collins and Mary, b. 

41h. bp, 7th November, P. P. 
Mars.nret, dr. of William Jones and Sarah, b. 

29th October, bp. 8th November. 
Aaron. 5. of Aaron Siill and Dorothy, b. 10th, 

bp. 21st November. 
Alliir. , s. of John Chapyon and Anne, b. and 

bp. 2Slh November. 
Eliz., dr. of Benjamin Adorns and Jaene, b. 

25th. bp. 29th November. 
Anne, dr. of Thomas Withers and Jaene, b. 

11th, bp. 15th January. 
Sarah, dr. of llumfry Andrews and Dameros, 

b. 12th, bp. 17th January. 
James, 8. of James Leversich and Mary, b. 

9th, bp. loth January. 
Thomas, t. of Thomas RusseU and Eliz., b. 

2Sth, bp. 31st January. 
Thomas, 6. of John .Moore and Kateren, b. 

29th January, bp. 6th Febmary. 
Sarah, dr. of John Geine and Grace, b. 6th, 

bp. 9th February. 
George, s. of Clement Branscom and Mary, 

b. 16th, bp. 23rd January. 
Ann, dr. of Tbeoder Hulett and Eliz, b. 16th. 

bp. 23rd January. . 
Thomas, s. of Thomas WanJy and Jaeue, h. 

2Ut. bp. 24th January. 
William, ». of Frances Hodder and Jaen, b. 

6th, bp. ISlh Kebrnary. 
Hugh, 8. of Hugh Dowoingand Joaoe,b. 2nd, 

bp. 9lh March- 


Ja£iie, 3r. of Jose Ratios and Margaret, b. 

5th, bp. 9lh March. 
Percirall, s. of PcrcivaU Gibbton and Elimor^ 

b.6lh, bp. 12lh March. 
John, s. of Kicliard yrances and Rebeca, b. 

15th, bp. 18lh March. 
1660.— .Michael, s. of Edward Webber and 

Mary, b. 2nd, bp. 3rd April, 1560. 
Kichohs, 6, of Eo^er Moore and Ann, b. Eotb 

April, bp. lot May. 
Kobert, B. of Robert" .Moerc and Mary, b. 24tli 

April, bp. 1st May. 
AViUiam, sou of Edward Humpston and Sarab, 

b. 3rd, bp. 11th May. 

• Joqsane Blod went to the sitTo [tic] of 
CiUfora, ont of (be Citie of Cork, with mene 
■wtpin tears, the sicml day ef Aprel, 1665. 


1655.— Marparet Hatfeeld, of P. P., bd. in 

C.C, 21st July. 
Mary, dr. of Geo'rte Attlins, bd. 7th Anctjst 
Marr, dr. of Edward Cam, bd. I'Jth August. 
Eliz., dr. of William Butler, bd. ISth Sept. 
Margaret, w. of Richard Hawkins, bd. I'Jtb 

Thomai, 6. of Thomas Jones, bd. 15th 

Anue, w. of Thomas Snmmerset, bd. 20th 

1656.— Sarah, w. of Captjin Henry Ploter, 

bd. 11th Jone. Eewl, Churchwarden. 
George Crcngh FiJames. bd. 29lb June. 
Htnry Budd. a stranger, bd. ISth JoJy,inthe 

Anthony, s. of Anthony Shaggnill, bd. 2nd 

AViUiam, s. of Anthony Shaggnill, bd. Srd 

Joane, w. of Anthony Shaggnill, bd. 1st 

John, s. of John AVoodmason, bd. 13th 

Joane, dr. of Charles Conway, bd. £Clh Sept. 
Margaret, w. of John Klin, bd. 15th October. 
John Bnrnbam, P. P., bd. 26th October. 
David fowler, bd. 30lb September. 
Edward, s. o( Edward Jonson, bd. 19th Oct 
Elynor Carter, bd. 30th October. 
Christopher, s. of Christopher Olliwr, bd. 8th 

November in P. P. 
"^'illiam, s. of Lawrance Taniard, bd. lllb 

Eliz., dr. of Nath. Kennan. bd. 17tli Not. 
Wary Boyce. bd. 2nd December. 
Mary, dr. of Miles Wolbank. bd. J2th Jan 
Richard. &. of Mical Fisher, bd. 14th Jannary 
Katn.. dr. of Robert Fletcher, bd. 29th Jan. 
AUice. dr. of John Loyle, bd. 12lh Febrnary. 
■WiUiam, i. of -Wai. Barnes, bd. 1 5th Febrnaij. 

Frances Hering, one of LieoL-CoU. Finch'* 

Company, bd. 26tb Febrnary. 
John, s. of Roger Moore, bd. 27th Febrnary 

in P. P. 
Tyretia. dr. of Charles Kenaston, bd. lOtk 

16"o7.— Captain Marks VfTiittbie, bd. 7tli 

April, 1657. 
Master Jones, bd. 11 tb April. 
John Frend, bd. ApriL 
Eliz., w. of James Clarke, bd. Srd May. 
Esay Thomas. Recorder of this City, dissesed 

the 30th May, aud .sas bd. the 2nd June. ' 
Hester, w. of Domnk. Coppcnger, bd. 15th, 

Adam, s. of William Bell, bd. 25th Jnne. 
Heury Feeld, dis. on a sudden, bd. 27th Jnne 

in P.P. 
John, s. of John Edwards and Margaret, bd, 

11th Julv (uamcd bv bimselQ. 
Daniel O'Hwolehao. bd. 5th September. 
Margt., dr. of John Bowler,bd.l7th September 
Sams.on Coulson, a child, bd. 2 let September. 
Eiiz., dr. of John Champvon, bd. 2JnJ Sept. 
Eliz, dr. of Mr. Richard Plomer, bd. 2Stli 

Dennis, s. of William Keuedie, bd. 8tb Oct. 
Lucie, dr. of Doctor Charles Kenaston, bd. ISth. 

Accusten, s. of William Rfdwood, bd. 18ti 

Edward, s. of Edward Tems, bd. 24th October. 
Thomas Armor, bd. 14th November. 
Joseph, 6. of William Grave, 3rd November. 
Mr. Richard in Chancell,12th Jan. 
Mary, dr. of William Gooppve, bd. 15tb Jan. 
Henrv, s. of Henry Mervin, bd. 4th February. 
Thomas Boorke, bd. 24th February. 
William WiOvson. bd. 24th Febrnarr. 
1C5S.— Nath.. s. of Anthony Davis, bd. 7tli 

Marri. 1658. 
Elii., w. of .Matbew ITamyson. bd. 8th Mar. 
Susana. w. of W Uliam WUls. bd. 8th March. 
Richard Jones, bd. Sth March. 
Mary, dr. of Captain John Brooks, bd. 26ti 

Henrj- Pepper, Sword Bearer of tbe Citty of 

Cork, bd. Ist May, 1658. 
Anne Williams, of P. P., bd. llth May. 
Dan. el Ware, of P. P., bd. 12th May. 
Fraoces, s. of Bcnj. Crafts, bd. Srd June. 
Kat.. dr. of Koger Moore, bd. 24th Jnne. 
Sarah, dr. of Phillip Pinchon, bd. 12lh AnR. 
Jaene. dr. of John Champvon. bd. 18th Aug. 
Dina, dr. of Edward Gogeil, bd. 13th Sept. 
Anne, dr. of .Mr. William Hodder, Maire, bi 

14th September. 
Thomas, 8. of Theodor Hulett. bd. 22nd Sept 
Anne, dr. of John Gee, bd. 24th September. 
Edward Tems, Sub-Sherif of Otty of Corke, 

bd. 28th September. 
Jacne. dr. of John Neweuham, bd. Itt October. 
"William, 8. of Laatlat Wilieson, bd. 12th Oct. 


Mwara, s. of Claries Oct. 
Bogrr. 8. of Robert Phillips, hi. Ulh October. 
Kat., K. of Henry Pepper, hi^ 21st October. 
Heorv, E. of William Pach. bd. 21st October. 
Kater'en Benoit, bd. 20th November. 
Kicholos, 8. of Edward Terns, bd. 20lh Not. 
Henry Keath, of Waiford, bd. 15th March. 
Anne. dr. of Tho. WadJiDCton, bd. 12lh March. 
1659.— EU.s Knowles, bd. 28lh March, 1659. 
Elii. ■Waddington. bd. 28th March. 
Eichard Busten, of P. P., bd. 5th AprilL 
Joseph James, hd. 5th April 
Joaoe Barges, bd. 5th April 
Trances, w. of Josias Walker, bd. 10th April. 
Dnence, w.of Niculs Fursman, bd. 12th April. 
John Laghom. of P. P , bd. 12th Msv. 
Thomas, s. of John Gullyford. bd. 17ih May. 
John, s. of Thomas Wales, bd. 9th JqIt. 
Margt., w. of Lanslat Wilkisoa, bd. 2Slh July. 
John Pavy. one of Lieut.-Col. Pinch's Com- 
pany, bd. 29th July. 
Anne, dr. of Edmond Brools, bd. 25th Ang. 
Edward, s. of Georce Rccde. bd. 1st September. 
JIargt., dr. of William Hanck, bd. 2nd Sept. 
Kat., dr. of Peeter Houhm, bd. 16th Sept. in 

C. C. Chappel. 
William, s. of Richard Frances, bd. 11th Sept. 
Jaene, w. of William Blandell, bd. 18th Sept. 

in the night, dyd in child-birth. 
Anne, dr. of Thomas Dawkins, bd. 29th Sept., 

b. 5 days. 
Anne, dr. of Henry Swele, bd. 29th September. 
James Clarke, bd. 5th October. 
Peeter Wheit, one belonging lo the sl.ipp caled 

the Looemerchant, decJ. in P. P. and bjd. 

in C. C, of whome Robert Frances was 

master, 7tb October. 
Benj., 6. of Robert Fletcher, bd. 7th October. 
Frances, s. of William Gooppie, bd. 10th OcL 
Phillip, 6. of Lawrance Tank.ird, bd. 22nd Oct. 
Anne, w. of Henry Boi, bd. 24th October. 
Isaak, s. of Robert Fletcher, bd. 7lh Nov. 
niz., dr. of John Jlcnjes, bd. 17th November. 

dr. of Benj. Craas, bd. 24lh November. 

dr.ofThos. Morl;,bd. 25lb November. 

Anne, w. of John Champion, bd. 29lh Nov. in 

John Besst, bd. 5lh December, in C. C. yard. 
Dorothy, dr. of Richard Terry, bd. 10th Dec. 
George, s. of George Simcock, bd. 2lEt Dec. 
John Carbery, a clothwcaver, hd. 20th Jan., 

in C. C. yard. 
Edward, 8. of John Bnily, bd. 25th January. 
Izett Gill. bd. I4th Febrnary. 
Wary Whtit, bd. 14th Febrnary. 
Thomas, 8. of Thomas Plastid, bd. Ist March. 
3660.— Henry, b. of John Baily, bd. 5th May. 
JIary, dr. of Mathew Meryin. 6lh May. 
1661J.— Margaret, ii. of Edward Garner, bd. 

29th April. 
Patiens Joason, a child, bd. 10th May. 
■William, ». of William Standbridg, bd. 22nd 



1665.— Waiiam Gray, his w. bd. 8th ApreH, 

William Chen, child, h. in C. C, bd. at 

Shandon, 81h April. 
Thomas Wolshess. child, b. in CO., bd. at 

Gen Baros, 8th April 


Thig. Dole's child, ch. 8lh April. 

Rci.eer Mor'B child, ch. C. C. bd. at Cea 

Peler's, 16th April. 
Mores Conell's child bd. 2Ut ApriL 
Robert FIctter. child, bn. 21st AprU. 
1666.— Reg. Litfot, of C.C, and Bar Beblok, 

m. 4th March, 1666. 
Robert Chane, w. bd. 2nd March. 
Mark Sherman's child, b. 6th, bp. llth May. 
William Champon, of C. C, and Garig., m. 

22od May. 
Nickles Gasel's child, bd. 3rd llaye. 
Mehel Ficher, bd. 25th Maye. 
Joue Hadok's child, bp. 12ih June, 


July 20, 1 660. — James Browne- 

24.— Martha Blackalle, of P. P. 

24.— Eliz., dr. of Joseph Toye. 

25. — Chrislopbcr, s. of George W'righU "^ 

28.— Domnk. Cupinger, St. P. 

Aus. 8. — Jimes, 8. of John Foord. 

19.— Christien, dr. of David Donnoglu 

20.— Merlen, dr. of Edward Games. 

20.— Eliz., dr. of John Barrat. 

Sept. 19.— Thomas, s. of Thomas Wemsly. 

22. — Thomas, s. of Thomas Wells. 

Oct. 15.— Christian Hassnett. 

Nov. 4.— Dame Margaret, w. o Sir Robe 

14.— Daniel, 8. of Daniel Winn. 
14.— Charles, s. of Heurie Hnes. 
20.— Joane Davis, of this Cittie, widdow. 
Dec. 25.— Charles Kinnston. 
Jan. 10.— Henrie Bill, being nnfortonately 

Elaine with a great gnu. 
16. — Jeremy Sanders. 
24.— Anne, dr. of Tbeodor Hnlet 
Feb. 9.— Elinor, dr. of PhL Pinchin. 
16.— Grace Richards. 
March 24.— George Reed. 


Not. 2, 1065. — William Emory and Mary. 
2S — WiUiara Newman of Ballimodin, and 

Ursula, Rill of C.C. 
Dec. 4. — John Mortell and Marie Hickie, of 

4. — Jonothan Bostane and Jane WQtshire. 


^pril 29, 1 ceo.— Elinor, dr. of WiU. Hodder 

aod Katran. 
May 17.— WiUiam, s. of Waller Dibbios and 

19.— John, s. of TVilliam GHpe aod Elii. 
27.— Charles, s, of Heorr Htws and Eliz. 
June 11. — Nikolas, s. of Luke Hathaway and 

July 19.— Koberl, s. of Francis Price and 

24. - EII2., dr. of Thimolby Tucky and Joane. 
29.— Ann, dr. of Robert Stringger and Ann. 
31.— John, 8. of Lancelot WilUnson and 

An^vist 5. — Samson, s. of Samson Gefferies 

and Elii. 
5. — Ann, dr. of Thomas Morlev and >fary. 
7.— Mart, dr. of Laurance Tankard and Joane. 
10.— Ma'rs'-. dr. of John Field and Joane. 
12.— Grace, dr. of Daniel Winn and Grace. 
14.— Mathew, s.of Mathew Mcrvin and Eliz. 
15.— Dennis, s. of John Kallahan and Ellinor. 
22.— John, s. of William Jelfe and Joane. 
23.— Sarah, dr. of Hobert Gollace and Marpt. 
24.— Francis, dr. of WM. Grispie and Merrie. 
Sept. 6.— Waiiam, s of "William Dier and 

17.— E'Uz., dr. of Richard Percy and Anne. 
30 — Katt., dr. of William Kenniday and 

Oct. 2. -Mary, dr. of Benjamin Crafts and 

5. — John, 8. of Jonathan Pcrrie and Ann. 
7.— Benj., e. of Mickaell Tauithan and Mary. 
14.— MarT, dr. of Richard Ttrrie and Bridget. 
18.- Ann, dr. of ■William Hall and Frances, 
21.— John. s. of John Garlry and Snsan. 
24.— Thomas, s. of John Ha'mlen and .Mary. 
29.— Eliz., dr. of Richard Tocll and Mary. 
SO.— Deggerry, 8. of Deggerry Priest and 

Kov. 4. — Eliz., dr. of John Memes and Mary. 
5;-Edward, 8. of John Wodland and Mary. 
13.— HeorT, s. of Will. Randell and Rebecca. 
15.— Elinor, dr. of Tobias Smith and .MarT. 
22.— Margery, dr. of Pardman Doe Cnmmins 

and Jilliau. 
22. — William and Mary, twins to Thomas 

Williams and Mary. 
23.— John, 6. of James Wallis. 
Nov. 25. — Thomas, 8. of William Benson and 

Dec 12.— Mary, dr. of Thomas Knmfield and 

16. — Elinor, dr. of Thos. Pemberf on and Joyce. 
Jan. 9— Hi?nry,8.of Robt. Fletcherand Katt. 
IS.— MarT, dr.ofUan.O'Monelianand Margt, 
27.— Chas., 8. of John B.->ny and Winefred. 
Feb. 6. — Roger, 8. of John Moore and Kattn. 
7. — John, «. of Thomas Dawkins and Mary. 
7.— Ann, dr. of Edward load and Elii. 

Feb. 10.— Eliz., dr. of Tiege Caosn and Elil. 
10. — Briget, dr. of John Flinn and Joane, 
17.— Mary, dr. of Robert Williams. 
17.— \Mlliam, 8. of Timothie Doare and Ellis. 
20.— Eliz., dr. of John Foord and Christien. 
2).— Richard, s. of Abraham Mansfield and 

Martha. • 
26. — John, 5. of Richard Wood and Ann. 
Mar. 6. — Timothy, s. of Andrew Turges and 

24.— DorolhT, dr. of Will. Groves and Mary. 
25, 1651.— tin.., s.ofJobnGLlliford and Sos. 
April 2.— Thomas, s. of WiU. Pitts and Alice. 
3. — James, s. of John Grady and Honour. 
11.— Sarah, dr. of Edward H.ikins and Alice. 
May 2.— Hester, dr. of Mathew Foot and 

2.— Ann, dr. of Thomas Tanten and Rose. 
9,— Edward, 5. of Grorge Warner and Mary, 
IS.— Eliz., dr. of Andrew Roche. 
21.— Mary, dr. of Andrew Pollard and Joane. 
26. — John, 8. of Thos. ^Yaddington and Ann. 
28. — John, 6. of Aquila Stanton and Ann. 
30. — .Mariha, dr. of Umphrey Andrews and 

June 4.— Eliz., dr. of Thos. Bnllocke and Eliz. 
4.— Rich.-.rd, s. of Waller Viusen and Elil. 
9. — Christien, dr. of John Woodmason and 

11. — Susan, dr. of Richard Looby and Ann. 
13. — -Ann, dr. of Thomas Hoes and Ann. 
17.— Thomas, s. of Sam. Whiimow and Katt. 
20.— Thomas, s. of John Spence and Sarah. 
29.-John, s. of Francis Roberts and Katt. 
29.— Margt., dr. of Rich. Northourand Margt 
30.— Marjt., dr. of Henry Bill and Katt. 
July 4.— Thomas, s. of Joseph Cops and Elil. 
15. — Richard, s. of Jacob Cooke and Joane. 
21.— Alice, dr. of John Webb and Alice. 
21.— George, e. of Peter Gilbert and Mary. 
25.— An., dr. of Thomas Hester «nd Drsola. 
27.— Ann, dr. of Waller Rasor and Ann. 
A'jg. 4.— Jame«, 8. of William Baret and Elil. 
4.— John, 8. of John Salter and Mary. 
15.— John, 6. of John Bloodworth and Roia- 

25. — Jacob, s. of Chas. ^fadder and Thomasin. 
Sep. 9 — John, 8. of Joseph Hollis and Ann, 
12. — William, a. of Will. Goppie and Mercc 
14.— Eliz , dr. of Michl. Moss and Joane. 
29.— Christopher, s. of Henry Hews and EUi. 
Oct. 1.— Robt., 8. of Roger .Moore and Ann. 
13.— Edwd.,s.orEdwd.HumpstoneandSarali. 
22.-Eliz., dr. of Mark Shearman and Alice. 
27. — Richard, 8. of Thos. Womsley and Joane. 
KoT.19.— .Mary, dr.of Robt. Moore and Mary. 
19. — Joane, dr. of Henry Toncbstone. 
28. — Mar)-, dr. of Tnomas Wolpe. 
Dec. 12.— Sarah, dr.of John Parker and Alice. 
15. — Katt., dr. of Pierce Stanton and Mary. 
19.- Mary, dr. of Hugh Downing. 
23.— John, 8. of William Jelfe. 
27. — Jaene, dr. of Richd. Francis and Rebecca. 


Dec. 28. — Mary, 6r. of Benj. Adams and Jane. 
Jan. 9. — William, s. o.' Anihony Waters and 

9.— Miltro. dr. of Thomas Morley. 
12.— iMa^Kt.,dr.of^YUl.SlanabridgeandFJiz. 
12.— Sarai.dr.of Anthony WilkinsonaodKatt. 
16.— Eliz., dr. of John Yong and Mary. 
16.— Mary, dr. of Thomas Andrews. 
19.— Samnel, 6. of Bof:er Kennct and Eliz. 
19.— Joseph and Benjamin, twins, s. of Wili 

Rowland and Marr. 
22.— Honour, dr. of John O'Soolor. 
26.— Sar^h, dr. of Isaali Stevens. 
29.— Moses, a. of Aron Stiff and Dorothy. 
1662, .April 18th.— Joane.dr.of Dennis Collins 

arid Joaut. 
2S. — Eliz., dr. of Clemment Branscom and 

28.— John, 6. of John Davis. 
29.— Alice, dr. of Thomas Price and Marr. 
29.— Nick., s. of Nick. King. 
Mayl5.— Precilla, dr. of Ro^-er Heart and Alice. 
18.— Chris., s. of Edward Webber and .Mary. 
19.— Eliz., dr. of Thomas Morlev. 
30.— Michael, s. of Mich. Vauhan and >fary. 
Jane 1. — Richard, s. of John Gran and Grace. 
8.— Edward, s. of John Gcrrald nud Sarah. 
15.— Eliz., dr. ol Robert Phillips and Dorothy. 
29. — Ann, dr. of John Goddart and Ann. 
Joly 9. — :John, s. of Teige Dooly and Ann. 
12. — .\nB, dr. of William Simmons and Mary. 
Ang. 1. — Elinor, dr. of Robert Games and 

3. — Will., s. of John Wakefield and Margery. 
4.— Andrew, b. of Andrew Roach and Eliz. 
13.— John, s. of Richard Terrie and Bridget. 
17.— John, s. of Thomas Ramfield and Ann. 
Elishea, dr. of William Goueh and Jane- 
Sept. 7.— Thomas, 6. of Michael Frankland. 
7. — Samuel, s. of Tobias Shearrer and Sarah. 


14.— Nathaniel, s. of Richard Terrie, cord- 
wainer, bd. 

21.— Eliz., dr. of Dennis ITevoy and Marpt. 
29.— Davis (Edward andJoane), Mary, dr. of. 
October 2.— Nicholas, s. of Nicholas Gamble 

and Margt. 
12.— Samuel, «. of Nicholas Castle end Eliz. 
19.— Dennis, s. of John Morris and Mary. 
24.— Mary, dr. of Robert Kirke and Elinor. 
November 2. — Joan, dr. of John Allalv and 

9. — Eliz., dr. of Moses Burres and Eliz, 
11. — Mary, dr. of Andrew Turges and Alice. 
ll.--Joseph, 8. of Robert Moor. 
16. — John, 8. of Timothy Doare and Alice. 
15.— Richard, 8. of John Warner and Mary. 
27. — Marten, 8. of John Kallahane and Kattn. 

Dec. 4.— Thomas, B. of Thomas Tomer and 

14.- Ann, dr. of Jonathan Perrie, 
24.— Marv, dr. of William RandeU. 
2C.-lsaak, s. of Isaak Stevens and Eliz. 
Jan. 1.— Bridget, dr. of John English and 

4.— Margaret, dr. of Thomas Maswells. 
4.— Marv, dr. of John Champion and .Margt. 
6.— Eliz.. dr. of Walter Vinson. 
18.— John, s. of John Held. 
19. — Eliz., dr. of John Ridgway and Honors. 
Feb. 4.— Susan, dr. of Hcnrie Narrocote and 

March 17, 1663.— Thomas, s. of John Fisher 

and Jaene. 
29.— Ann, dr. of Derrike Hancocke and Elir. 
April 20.— Margaret, dr. of Will Witherill 

and Danah. 
May 3.— Edward, s. of Robert Fletcher and 

7. — John, 8. of John Nolane and Kattn. 
10.— Eliz.. dr. of Tobias Smiih and Marv. 
May 11, 1662.- Ann, dr. of Joseph Cops and 

11.— Elinor, dr. of William Pitts and Alice. 
1 2.— Daniel, s. of John E=ton and Joyce. 
25.— Moses, b. of Evan Owens and M'arlha. 
George, s. of TiegeCauly and Eliz. 
Richard, s. of Richard Hiatt and Dorothy. 
June 8. 1C63.— John, 6. of John Vaughan and 

14. — Eliz , dr. of Richard Looby and .Ann. 
17. — Margery, dr. of Garrat Everson and 

28.— Edward, s. of Edward Youd and Eliz. 
July lO.—Francis.s. of John Moore and Kattn. 
11.— John. s. of Daniell Carloe and Jane. 
15.— Elinor, dr. of Daniel HegrighL 
19.— Richard, s. of Thomas Mansfield and 

23— Jo'nathan, s. of John Gill and Kattn. 

80.— Nicholas. 8. of Nicholas Moor. 

Aug. 17. — Elinor, dr. of Thomas Bonrne and 

Thomas Campion, b. 3rd Angnst, bp. 6tli. 
24.— Silvester, s. of Silvester Erers and Eliz. 
SO.— Elinor, dr. of Eliz. and Will. 
Sept. 4.— Bartl, s. of Roger Moor and Ann. 
4. — Nrhemiah, s. of Samuel Griffin and Joane, 
15. — Barbera, dr. of Marke Shearman and 

18.— Diana, ir. of John FlnckbeU and Diana. 
21.- Edward, 8. of Henry Hues and Eliz. 
25. — William, e. of Laurence Tankard and 

27.— Mary, dr. of Henry Tnchstone. 
SO. — Sarah, dr. of William George and Margt. 
Oct. 9 — Francis, 8. of Daniel Walker and 

11.— Thomas, s. of Thomas Dawkins and 

11. — Thomas, i, of AqatU Stanton and Ann. 

Oct.18. — Kose, dr. of John Terrie sod Francis. 
2?. — 'William, ». of Lancelot Wilkinson and 

Not. 16.— Henrie, s. of George Wright and 

27.— Martha, dr. of Robert Moor. 
29.— Jcwn. dr. of William Emcrj and Ann. 
Dec. 3. — John, s. of John Youug end Mary. 
7.— Richard, s. of Barrie Bojle. 
10.— Morris, s. of Richard Wflch and >roor. 
20. — William, s. of .Abraham Mansfield and 

25. — John, . s. of Garralt FilzGerald and 

Jan. 3. — Laurance, s. of Hugh Downing and 

8.— Mercy, dr. of William Goopicand Mercy. 
11.— Timothy, «. of Timothy Tucly and Joan'e. 
19.— ibiiniile, dr. of William Sheen and £li2. 
SO.— William, s. of William Randell. 
Feb. 9. — John, s. of Ro^er Lnden and Joan. 
12.— Susan, dr. of Will. Smith and AhipalU. 
21.— Eliz., dr. ofThomas Morley and Eliz. 
E-S. — Eliz., dr. of Robert Joans and Kattn. 
26. — Thomas, s.of Thomas Wolpe and Kattn. 
28. — Tliomas, s. of Richard Francis and 

March 7- — John, s. of Ralph Cotton and Mary. 
10.— Jane, dr. of Gecree Gamble and Sarah, 
13.— John, s. of ^^ illiam Gou^h and Jaue. 
13.— Joan. dr. of John Fadev and Sarah. 
20.— W illiam, s. of John Browne «nd Mary. 
21.- Elii., dr. of William Sianbridge and Eliz." 
22. — SiJnor, s. of JohnKitchinman and Mary. 
JIarch 27. 1064.— John, 8. of Robert Wadall 

•*ind Alict. 
April S.— James, s. of James Wallis and .^nn. 
4.— Eliz., dr. of Edward Hnwkins and Alice. 
12.— Marke, s. of John Goddard and Ann. 
13.— George, s. o( B.nptist Looby and Eliz. 
17.- John, s. of Peter Kembrid.;:'e mi Ann. 
21.— John, s. of John Lee and Eliz. 
1664, May 8.— Sus=na, dr. of Robert Kcmes 

and Jane. 
26.— Charily and Hope, drs. of Daniel Winn 

and Grace (twins). 
81.— Judith, dr. of Tliomas Dickinson and 

31.— Dorothy, dr. of On-ne Williams and 

31.— Eliz., dr. of Tobias Sheanvood and Sarah. 

June 3.— Will., s. of Edward Hines and 

12.— Margt., dr. of Richard I'eestr and Jaue. 
?8.— Rebecca, dr. of Benj. Crofts and Rebecca. 
July 10.— John, s. of William Hickman and 

11. — Thomas and Eliz., twins, children of 

Samson Jeffries and Eliz. . 
12,— Mary, dr, of Charles Madder and 

17,— Mary, dr. of Edward Tncker and Ann, 
Ane. 14,— Edward, b. of George Glinn and 


• George Wil 

Dth and 

Aue. 29.— Willi; 

Sept. 4.— Eliz., dr. of Walter Rawser and 

Oct. 2. — Abraham, s of Rojer Hart. 
C.— Edward, s. of Edward Webber and Marcy. 
6.— Judith, dr. of Roper Savidge nnd Avis. 
9.— Mary, dr. of Denuis Eovoy and Margt, 
21.— .Margt.. dr. of Edward Jcnninfjs and 

23.— Grace, dr. of Phillip Button. 
2S.— Marg:t., dr, of Nicholas Gamble and 

Kov. 1. — Elinor, dr. of Henry Sireet and 

12. — Rebecca, dr, of Ralpli Lightfoot and 

17.— Nathaniel, s. of Walter Umson. 
20.— Moses, s. of Moses Burres and Eliz. 
20.— John, s, of George Band and Honor. 
SO. — Rebecca, dr. of Laurance Tankard and 

Dec. 7.— Anne, dr. of Nicholas Best and Ann. 
8.— .Mary, dr. of Joseph Cops and Eliz. 
12.— Thomas, s. of Roier .Moor and Ann. 
15.— Elinor, dr. of Edward Barton and Katn. 
27. — John, s. of Daniel Solevant and .Mary. 
27.— Ann, dr. of Pierce StRutton aud Mary. 
29. — Isaac, s. of Richard Beare and Kattn. 
Jan. 1.— Samuel, s. of Samuel Carlile and 

2.— Sarah, dr. of Benjamin Adams and Jane. 
10.— William, s. of William Smith and 

22.— Eliz., dr. of Thomas Rumford and Ann. 
2-2.— Kattn , dr. of John Gooldsraith and Ann, 
Feb. 6.— .Marv, dr. of Richard ToweU and 

9. — John, s. of John Fisher and Jane. 
11.— Hugh, s. of John Howell and Sarah. 
19.— William, 6. of William Sheene and Eliz, 
27.— John, s. of John Woolcotand Kattn, 
March 5.— Henrr, s. of Lancelot Wilkinson. 
5.— Aron, 6. of Even Owries and Martha. 
16.— Phebe, dr. of Thomas Mansfield and 
I Marj-. 

j 21, — Richard, s. of Timothy Tucky and Joane. 
I 22.— Christien aud Eldith, (twins) to John 
Foord and Christien, 


1661, April 12.— Richard Carpenter, a Master 

of s vessel. 
May 12.— William Westcot. 
18.— Robert, s. of Robert Moore. 
20.— Margt.. dr. of John Deuny, 
28.— Mick, 8. ofEdward Webber. 
June 4. — George Skriven, 
28. — Joshua, 8. of John Garlry. 
August 1. — James Hardiman. 
1.— Timothy, s. of Timothy TncVy. 
8. — Ann, dr, of John Leader. 

Acg. 7- — Una, w. of 'William Chambers. 
12. — Henry, b. of Henrie Hqcs. 
23. — George, s. of Nick Gamble. 
Sept. 12.— John, s. of Johu Kobinson. 
17.— John, 6. of Fraocis Chappell. 
Oct. 17-- John, s. of Lancelot Wilkinson. 
Dec. 18.- Blanch, w. of George Savill. 
23.— Thomas Noble. 

1662, April 2\.—\\ illiam, s. of Jacob Cooke. 
23.— Marpt., or. of Morpan Haile. 

Jlay 13.— Margt., dr. of Dennis Morris. 

17.— Richard, s. of Ser Richard Kyrl. 

Jnne 10. — -Margt., w. of Richard Pommrey. 

24.— Mr. Uichard Une. 

Aog. 1.— Th..uias Plastide. 

Sep. H.— Nathaniel, s.ot Rich. Terrie, Cord- 

Oct. 16,— Gren, w. of Edward Withrill. 
21. — Joane, mother of Richard Foster. 
Kor. 1. — Henry, s. of Mathcw Mer\'iii, 
18. — Richard, s. of John Warner. 
Dec. 4.— James Castle. 
17. — Mack Carie, out of England, a strangtx. 
Jan. 5. — Nath:i'jiel Merrin. 
10.— Mary Waters. 

Feb. 2.— Joseph. 6. of William Rowland. 
4.— Thomas Butler, one of the Waters. 
S. — John Hacsom. 
166i, .Mar. 14.— JefTei? Terrie. 

1663, May U.-Edward, s.of Roht. Fletcher. 
15.— Daniell, s. of Mr. John Easton. 

26. — James, s. of John Baily. 
•July 22.— Susan Denneson. 
Aug. 10. — Robert, s. of Thomas Prime, 
17.— Marie Lincee. 
19.— Ann, dr. of William Emory. 
22.— Robert Cornish. 
Sep. 24— Elinor, w. of Joshua Blood. 
Oct. 7.— John Bradsho. 
15.— Richard Pr.iddcn, Sheriffe. 
17. — Edward, s. of Edward Humpston. 
17.— Mary, dr. of Ab. Mansfield. 
29.— Alice, dr. of Thomas Price. 
29.— Marv, dr. of Joh Wrsnn. 
KoT. 4.— Margt., dr. William Stanbridg. 
7.— Martin, s. of John Callahan. 
Dec. 1.— Elinor, w. of David Mescall 
€.— Mary WiUiod. 
26.— John Mems, of P. P. 
Jan. 25.— Sarah, dr. of Thomas Bowls. 
Feb. 3.— William Lewis, a stranger from Kil- 
14.— Mrs. Elinor Little. 
16.— Will. Cooke, one of the Serg.-atUMace. 
27.-Eli2., dr. of Moses Burres. 
March 9.— Samuel, s. of Nick Castle. 
IL — Samson Colson. 
13.— Thomas, s. of Thomas RosselL 

1664, March 30.-John Tncker, being 100 
and 10. 

16.— Thomisin, w. of William Collins. 
26. — Eliz., dr. of Lancelot Wilkinson. 
May S.— Thomas Dawkins, of this city. 

ifay 11. — George Simcocke, - — . 

16.— Mr. Thomas Turner. 
June 12.— Margt. Williams. 
July 2. — Marv, dr. of Robert Moor. 
3.-Mr. Nick'Farsman. / 

26.— Ann, dr. of Jona. Perrie. -"^ 

30.— John, s. of Johnathan Perrie. -^ ^ 
August 9.— John, s. of Thomas Ramfield. 
19.— Edward, 6. of Henry Hues. 
Sept. 8.— Alisea, dr. of William Gocgh, 
ll.-Eliz.. dr. of Walter Rasor. 
17.- KoL-cr, 8. of Tliomas Tanten. 
26. — Henry, s. of Richard Pepper. 
28.— Thomas, s. of John Fisher. 
2S.— Richard, s. of Thomas Wamslev. 
October 2.— William, s. of WUliara Rowland. 
4. — Stephen Hake, an apprentice. 
6.- William, 6. of Laurance Tankard. 
Nov. 11.- Hugh, s. of Hugh Downing. 
12.— Nicholas Hobs, a soldier in my Lord 

Barrvraore's Company. 
13.— Alice, d. of William Hickman. 
Dec. 16.--Mr. William Dale, of Sbandon 

28.— William East, of Shandon parish. 
Jan. 27.— Doralhy, dr. of Nicholas Braidy. 
Feb. 2.— John, b. of John llinn. 
March 18. — Jane, w. of Seargeant Cooke. 
19.— WiUiam, s. of William Smith. 
23. -Francis, s. of Daniel Walker. 
1665, April 12. -John Hnnt. 


16C7, Sept. 18.— 'Margt., dr. of Joseph Cops. 
29.— Henry, s. of Henry Webb. 
October 9.— Martin Grimes. 
22. — Marie, w. of John Warebanks. 
Nov. 9.— Mr. Eusebius Cotton. 
13.— Grace, dr. of John Gardiner. 
23.— Henrie, 6. of Henry Hues. 
Dec. 28. — John, s. of John Terrie, 
Jan. 2. — An., w. of William Amorie. 
3.— Alex. Ambrose. 
4. — Lennerd Bedford, a souldier. 
10.— Christian, dr. of John Ford. 
18. — Constance Quarry. 
Feb. 6.— Aldm. James Vandelure. 
15.— James Wilde. 
Mar. 2. — Richard Frauds. 
19.— An., dr. of Walter Dole. 
1068, May.- Sarai, dr. of Richard Ward- 
William, 6. of John AVallis. 
Francis, w. of Edward Sloe. 
Jnne 10.— Edward Carr. 
IP.— Eliz., dr. of William Frendi. 

Charles the Second of that name. King of 
Gret Brittan, France, and Irland, was pro- 
clamed in this Citty of Corke, the 18 of 
May, 16S0. Whom God prosper. Amen. 


16G8, Aug. 8.— Marie, w. of VTOliam "Welsh. 

11. — John, 8. of James Dier. 
j^ 17. — Umphrey ''.Veaver. 

Sep. 9.— Margery, w. of Henrie Sweet 
n 18.— Aun, w. of George Watts. 

22.— .Mr. Timothie TiicVie, sea. 

Oct. 11.— Edward Peooie. 

19.— John Sadler. 

27.— AlJm. Richard Bassett. 

Dec. 3.— Josias Kiag. 

4. — Marie, Ihe Will, [sic'] Amorie. 

Jan. 9.— Steven Carr, a waiter. 

f eb. 15.— Charles, s. of James -Mare. 

18. — Margerr. dr. of William Groves. 

22.— tllinor,' w. of Richard Webh. 

24.— William, s. of Dennis Huggan. 

27. — Jane, dr. of Simon Stabs. 


1665, Mar. 25. — Gabriel, s.of John Woomason 

and Christien. 
27. — Iltnrie, s. of Henrie Hews. 
28.— Elii., dr. of John Gaine and Grace. 
July 7.— Lancelot, s. of Michl. l"ranldand and 

11.— Thomas, s. of Thomas Bowrne and Eliz. 
16.— Pierce, s. of William Biss and Mar?. 
17.— Grace, dr. of John Woods and Margret. 
24.— Mary, dr. of Lot ConneU and Mary. 
26. — Ralph, s. of John Fluckbell and Diana. 
Aug. 17.— Henry, s. of Thomas Goggin and 

28.— Ann, dr. of William Amorr and Ann. 
Sept. 10.— Phillip, E.of Edw. Tucker and Ann. 
12.— Marie, dr. of Jonathan Carrot and Eliia. 
14.— William, s. of William Gonch and Jane. 
17.— Thomas, s. of Thomas Morlty and Eliz. 
25. — Honor, dr. of James Wall and Grace. 
29.— John and Sarah (twins) of Edward Eliot 

and Rosamond. 
29.— Daniel, s. of Aquila Stanton and Ann. 
Oct. 1.— Ann, dr. of H-enrj Car and Dorothy. 
1605. Oct. 12.— Will., s. of Edward Webber 

and Mary. 
KoT. 4. — Dennis, s, of John Callaghan and 

19. — Thus., E. of Thos. Dickinson and Honor. 
26.— Eliz., dr. of John Pitch and Eliz. 
Dec. 27.— Ann, dr. of Thos. Klare and Margt. 
Jan. 23.— Steren, t. of Nick Gamble and 

Feb. 25.— Patience, dr. of Ralph Lightfoot 

and BarbeiTie. 
Mar. 1. — John, s. of John Hinciton and 

1. — Berberrie,<lr. of Xick Braidy and Martha. 
2. — Benjamin, s. of Bcnj. Adams and Jane. 

NoTK.— The register seems to hsre been kept iu a series, ejccpt from 1647 to 1655 
dnnng which period there are only occasional entries of baptisms, two of marriages, cis ia 
1650, and no boriala. The earliest date in the neit Register is 2Dd Jan., 1708. 

jrar.7. — Ann,dr.of WilL Champion and Alice, 
8. — Francis, s. of Richard Terrie and Bridget. 
1C66, M«rch 28.-John, s. of George Gamble 

and Sapah. 
29.-Walter, s. of Timothy "SMiitSeld, 
April 5. — .Mary, dr. of Abra. Mansfield and 

7.— Michael, s. of Michad Webber and Elii. 
17- —Robert, 8. of Robert Cames and Jane. 
May 3. — Godwin, s. of Richard Joanea and 

6.— John, s. of Timothy Tuckie and Joane. 
) 5. —Susanna, dr. of Edward YouJ and Eliz. 
27.— .Margt., dr. of Kicliclas Castle and Eliz. 
27.— -Mary, dr. of Francis Smith and Mary. 
June 1 7.— Kattn., dr. of Thomas Flemmin and 

21.— Dorothy, dr. of Robt. Waddinand Alice. 
July 1. — Eliz., dr. of Henry Hues. 
17.— Sarai, dr. of George Wright. 


1C67, Aug. 26.— -Marie, dr. of Thos. Beonie. 
Sept 1. — Cmfrey, s. of John BaiJy and 

10.— Barbara, dr. of John BaQy. 
11. — James, s. of William Usher» 
17.— John, E. of RaJfe Cotton. 
S3.— Richard, 6. of John Baily. 
24.— An, dr. of James Harding. 
Oct.— Edith, dr. of Thomas Morlcy. 
Dec. 6.— William, 8. of Jeukin Hopkins. 
6. — Olive, being a servant 
22.-— Thomas Bronnett, a soldier. 
Jan. 7.- Margt., w. of William GUscovr. 
10.— .Mathew Jackson. 
Feb. 5.-WiUiam, s. of Theodore Hnlett 
7.— James, s. of James Fitzgerald. 
11.— Uilliam Chambers. 
March 14. — Nikola?, e. of Edward Canna. 
16.— 'William, s. of WiOiam Gough. 
17.— William Cornwall. 
April 1. — Margt., dr. of Thomas Painore (?) 
M ay 11 . — John, 6. of John Ward, 
21.— James Welsh. 
June 15.— Eliz., dr. of John Conner. 
July 7.— -Margt White, a servant 
18.— Thomas WelsL 
22. — Mai-ie, dr. of Simon Doe. 


1660, Aug. 26.— -Mary, dr. of Thomas Bourne. 

Sept 11. — James, s. of William Dsher. 

17.— John, 6. of Ralph Cotton, 

24.— An, dr. of Jaine Hardiug. 

October 27.— Edith, dr. of Thomai Morly. 

E. a